Donny is Back from Surgery :-)

Donny is Back from Surgery :-)

Donny had had his (1st) surgery yesterday & came back to Tabby’s Place this afternoon.  The surgeon said Donny did great under anesthesia.  The surgeon enlarged the groove in Donny’s left knee & relocated the attachment of the patellar ligament.  These “custom modifications” will keep Donny’s kneecap in its proper location.
Dojnny Recovering in Cage

Poor little Donny has a fuill-length bandage on his left leg and an e-collar to keep him from bothering the stitches.  We were going to put him in the Lobby, next to his friend Tashi, but Donny seemed to be distressed by the noise in the Lobby, so we moved him back to Hospital for a few days.

Poor little guy will be on strict cage rest for 2-3 months.  This would be hard for any cat, but especially so for a kitten.  Right now he is still kind of painful, but we’re adjusting his pain meds so he will feel better.

Please keep a good thought for little Donny.  I will keep you updated on his progress.

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  1. Pumpkin and I will say a little prayer for his quick recovery. Hopefully this surgery will permanently rectify his knee problem. Cats are such powerful and agile creatures.

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