Cue jubilation

Cue jubilation

25286324213_741ddd7bd6_zTabby’s Place is a very fine place indeed.

But make no mistake: the best place for every cat is with his own particular slice of humanity.

Ergo, we are jubilant for one Julius.*

"I loved Tabby's Place, sure..."
“I loved Tabby’s Place, sure…”

Jersey was fine; Long Island is home.

The Tabby’s Place team was nifty; Jubilant AwesomeAdopter (as we’ll call her) is the axis mundi.

But don’t take it from me. Her Jubilation was kind enough to reflect on her new addition for us:

“Cecil Julius McKay (aka Julius, formerly of Tabby’s Place) is a very happy boy, living with his two brothers and sister on Long Island.

“Our story began when I was looking for a cat rescue to donate to last December. I was so excited to find Tabby’s Place, because it is everything I would want a cat sanctuary to be. At first, I picked out sponsee kitties and then kept looking at the adoptable ones, just looking!

“And then there was Julius.

“His green eyes, his markings and his bio all lured me in.

“I have three cats. I never really thought about a fourth. But those green eyes haunted me. So I applied to adopt him, was approved and made a date to bring him to his furever home.

"...but miss it? How could I?!"
“…but miss it? How could I?!”

“At first, he was staying in the bathroom with his food, water, litter box and bed. He was not impressed with either his living quarters or the isolation arrangement.

“After a day and a half, I allowed him to tour the house a bit, without additional cats. He smelled them, of course, but it didn’t faze him, and he enjoyed his exploration. Then back in the bathroom, where he was even more miserable than before.

“I hung out with him, and when I got up to walk out, he bolted past me. I had planned to introduce him to the other cats one at a time, but there they were, all three of them, and they were pretty gracious about his presence. A couple of hisses and growls from Oliver and somehow they have now bonded and become buddies, even eating from the same dish.

“After only one week at the McKay house, Cecil is comfortable, no matter where he is. Not once has he looked for a hiding place since he arrived. He discovered a very tall cat tree that my husband made for the cats, with dresser drawers and sisal around the beams. No other cat would go near it. But nothing stops Cecil. He climbed right up to the top platform and went to sleep.

“He loves being petted and kissed and is such a pleasure that it is very hard to tear oneself away from him. I am so grateful that I was obviously meant to have him in my life. He is the most together, social, relaxed, loving kitty ever. And we have a very happy future together.

“As Victor Hugo could have said ‘To love another kitty, is to see the face of God.'”

"My jubilee has just begun!"
“My jubilee has just begun!”

The fingerprints of God are all over this one, most Jubilant AwesomeAdopter. Rejoicing with you in this most meant-to-be match. A brown tabby slab of our hearts is now, and forever, on Long Island.

*And not just because his last name is no longer Rosenberg, although Jonathan did enjoy naming Julius — and sister Ethel — perhaps more than any cat in the history of Cats Jonathan Has Named. He’s a rapscallion, that Founder & Executive Director of ours.


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  1. And so Julius (Cecil Julius McKay) not only finds great happiness, but also gives great happiness! What a treasure this kitty is – what a beautiful beginning to a whole new life. Tabby’s Place has a hundred other cats just waiting to bring happiness to new families. Maybe it’s because Tabby’s Place is just so special in the quality of life they can offer the cats.

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