Constance craving

Constance craving

1205-connie-by-hcShe came from Alabama with a banjo on her knee.

Or Georgia, with a cringeworthy name. Close enough.

phoebe-bed-1I don’t judge the individual who named the black-and-white female cat Tuxie. Judging isn’t nice. So I don’t judge.

I just cringe. With my soul. On the inside.

Fortunately, the powers that be Tabby’s Place staff members whose names may or may not rhyme with Fanielle and Zenise were equally troubled by the name, and so they rescued the little tuxedo from a mis-monikered future. Georgia’s loss was Jersey’s gain, and Tuxie became Connie.

Or, as she’s known in society circles, Constance.

Connie was a crowd-pleasing sweetheart in Tabby’s Place’s Suite B, but she had one more move planned. With an AwesomeAdopter in sight and a riverside town in her future, Connie became Phoebe, and…well, I’ll let her adopter explain the rest. Take it from MamaCon:

“It’s been three weeks since Connie (now known as Phoebe) arrived, and we are thrilled with the new addition to the family. She was perfect from the very start.

Cricket, left, and Connie/Phoebe
Cricket, left, and Connie/Phoebe

“I was determined to keep Phoebe in the little bathroom I had set up for her and to introduce her slowly to my resident cat (who was in desperate need of a playmate). But Phoebe was so curious and outgoing that she kept scratching to be let out. Throughout the new sisters’ slow and steady introduction, Phoebe displayed excellent manners during each meet-and-greet.

“She is the perfect mix of outgoing yet deferential, and has definitely become the feisty little sister to my Cricket. She watches what Cricket does and mimics it, but is not afraid to start a rousing game of chase. In fact, it’s difficult to get a picture of the two of them together because they are always galloping up and down the stairs after each other.

“I’ll never forget the first day the girls really started playing together (amazingly, only a week after Phoebe had come home). Cricket kept stopping the game to give me her “love eyes” and to tell me how happy she was. Is there any better feeling in the world? I would say not.phoebe-lounges

“Phoebe has also become my number-one snuggler. She loves attention so much that she is inclined to wake me up in the middle of the night demanding to be pet (my lack of response has thankfully warded off this behavior)! While she has always been outgoing and social, it is clear that her affection for her new mama is increasing. Now she frequently brings her nose to mine and asks to be kissed, and has started to wake me up by licking my cheek.

“I couldn’t ask for a better kitty. Phoebe really completes our family. It’s like she fills a hole that I didn’t even know was there.

“Thank you for giving her a home until I could find her. I hope you enjoy these pictures of Phoebe in her bed, lounging around, and chilling out with her new sister.

“PS: As for Connie’s new name, I’m calling her Phoebe so she can be ‘Little Bee’ to go with my Cricket.”

phoebe-bed-2MamaCon, it’s clear your Little Bee’s every craving has been fulfilled in becoming yours. Thank you for giving our well-dressed southerner the love of her lifetime – and a name that’s hers forever.

8 thoughts on “Constance craving

  1. Momacon, it appears that Phoebe has found a wonderful forever home and best part it comes with a playmate. Best to you all for a great life together.

  2. As Tuxie’s foster mom in GA (and shamefacedly I am the person who named her), I feel I must defend the name Tuxie, cringeworthy though it may be, and offer an explantion. I was called and asked to assist in a last minute pull from a high kill animal shelter, the morning Tux/Tuxie/Connie/Phoebe was due to be destroyed (yes, that is a harsh word but what was about to happen). I was told “Tux” had been pulled at the last minute and “he” was at the vet and could be picked up after “his” shots. Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from the vet stating Tux was a she and about to give birth to kittens. The vet asked for a new name and the shock that I would not be fostering a male but a female about to give birth rendered me just about speechless, hence TUXIE! I knew immediately upon meeting her the name didn’t fit, but it was on the vet paperwork and I knew she would be at some point going to a forever home, so it stuck until she was lucky enough to become a member of the Tabby’s Place family and ultimately adopted into her forever family. So Tuxie/Connie/Phoebe, you deserve the wonderful home you have been blessed with and you will always be Tuxie in my heart, but I really love your new name!

    1. Aieee! Dixie, I now officially feel like a Terrible Person. Please forgive my snark. You are one of this world’s true and real heroes to have saved Tuxie/Connie/Phoebe’s life, and to love so selflessly. God bless you!!

  3. Thanks for posting this! It’s wonderful to read all these comments and to read about my Little Bee’s pre-adoption life. I can’t believe my little girl has had babies! Thank you so much for the additional background information, dixie, and thank you so much for all that you have done for Phoebe. I’d love to hear more if you’re ever so inclined.

  4. I would love to share-she was a wonderful mom and after her kittens were adopted she “mothered” 2 other little ones that I fostered. She was always very gentle natured and a little shy. Sounds like she has gotten over that quickly with all the love she has been receiving. It is wonderful for the foster to get to hear about the final home-makes it so fulfilling!

  5. I am not surprised that she was a wonderful mom. She tries to mother my other cat, but unfortunately Cricket does not like to be mothered! And yes, these days I would not exactly describe her as shy. She wasn’t even afraid of my giant man roommate, who is very gentle but whose size tends to scare animals and children at first :). She also isn’t afraid to demand love and attention when she wants it, which is most of the time. She is just fantastic. Thank you for the information!

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