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May 1st, 2015 [1 Comment]

Epilogues: April 2015

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17083183689_9e14b1e059_zBy the time you read this post, nerd prom will be over, the madding crowd will be far away, and a big green chap and his gangsters will be avenging on our behalf.*

But much more importantly, things will have happened. They will have happened…because cats made them happen. Continue reading » » »

April 29th, 2015 [1 Comment]

Seeing with Jaeger

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150417 Jaeger 1Sometimes it seems like this old world’s tree is being shaken down to its roots.

Nepal. Baltimore. Yemen. Leaves scattered to the four winds.

When the foundations are crumbling, what can the righteous do? Borrow the gaze of smaller, sager creatures. Continue reading » » »

April 24th, 2015 [1 Comment]

Very wonderful things

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IMG_20150320_100832Things change quickly in bloom-time.

One day, the garden bed is a faint brown “no.” The next, all the green things yell “yes!”
One day, we brace ourselves for kitten season. The next, we have four nursing moms and eighteen vole-sized smidgens. Continue reading » » »

April 23rd, 2015 [1 Comment]

The overflow of the heart

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10812454584_02dd339699_zI’ve been thinking about Queen‘s heart lately.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not an empty hole, The Abyss, or Vladimir Putin’s soul and inspiration. Continue reading » » »

April 17th, 2015 [2 Comments]

Tortie reform

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8638576899_0bbe1660ed_zMy barrister friends have often said that, when it comes to law school, if you make it through torts, you can make it.

I assumed this famously difficult class on torts must be on the topic of torts, as in, wrongful acts leading to civil legal liability.

Now I know: it was on tortoiseshell cats. Continue reading » » »

April 16th, 2015 [2 Comments]

The meaning of meh

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911px-Sheep,_Stodmarsh_6You can learn a lot when you listen.

This year alone, we’ve learned that what kind of funk is gon’ give it to ya.
We’ve learned that someone, somewhere, thought we needed a second Paul Blart: Mall Cop movie.
And we’ve learned that cats are sheep are cats. Continue reading » » »