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October 2nd, 2015 [2 Comments]

Epilogues: September 2015

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21192037813_b74f27f053_kThis is a wild, woolly world.

We’ve got global goals and global griefs.

We’ve got water on Mars and Macklemore back on the charts.

Fortunately, we’ve also got gobs of cat news. Continue reading » » »

September 30th, 2015 [2 Comments]

The pipes, the pipes

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20638535769_e634eebc0a_kI have uncovered evidence of a vast cat-naming conspiracy.

The other humans of Tabby’s Place have not permitted me to name a cat since Jean Valjean. Continue reading » » »

September 25th, 2015 [1 Comment]

Gratuitous cat photos: #PopeInNYC edition

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21063516314_e86d0452f0_zIf you have not been hiding inside a tree or running for President, you are aware: Pope Francis is in da house.

No, not Tabby’s Place, alas. But, as I type these words, the Pope is a mere hundred miles from Ringoes, NJ, and he’s got us having all kinds of papal fun-cio. Continue reading » » »

September 24th, 2015 [1 Comment]

The fight of your life

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14074567819_f94d14d9aa_zI’ve just realized (yet) another way we differ from cats.

We are continually, perpetually, all of us, defending our lives. Continue reading » » »

September 18th, 2015 [6 Comments]

Forever Loved: Lacey

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111227 Lacey by JBHThere’s a hole in the world today.

If you trace the outline, that hole has many colors, many toes…and it’s being filled to the brim with too many tears. Continue reading » » »

September 16th, 2015 [4 Comments]

Guest post: Affection with purpose

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Endless_HappyI’m primed to be a “fixer,” to a fault.
I have a feeling readers of this blog can identify, big-hearted bunch that you are.

If someone I love (of any species) is suffering, my first, fiercest impulse is to throw on my cape and fix. Fixing, or at least flapping about in a frenzy of good intentions, at least creates the illusion of doing something to help.

But leave it to cats to loosen illusions.

Continue reading » » »