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July 3rd, 2015 [1 Comment]

Epilogues: June 2015

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19248202351_103b4243b0_bIf you’re reading this post, you’re doing July right.

Before you can properly celebrate Independence Day, Bastille Day, and Tapioca Pudding Day, you must know how the cats spent all the days of June. Continue reading » » »

June 30th, 2015 [1 Comment]

Wart removal

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17523796453_42ca1afa78_zCats are capable of great feats.

There are, however, certain activities they do not, will not, shall not do. Not for you, not for me, not for QuestLove and all the Roots. Continue reading » » »

June 26th, 2015 [2 Comments]

That buncha guys

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19113420306_cb4bde9c9b_zYou know that buncha guys.

If you were a certain stripe of nerdy, you may have bunched together with that buncha guys.

And, like every high school worth its mystery meat, Tabby’s Place has that buncha guys. Continue reading » » »

June 25th, 2015 [4 Comments]

You can, in fact, dance

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18938571640_1ce4bf1e48_zDickens me this: are these the best of times?

Are these the worst of times?

Or are these, simply, the times of our particular, prosaic, miraculous lives? Continue reading » » »

June 19th, 2015 [4 Comments]

The million and the one

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Morgan sends you his thanks and loveWe are about a lot of things at Tabby’s Place.

We are about love.
We are about “the least of these.”
We are very much about Veggie Straws, and the color orange, and obscure names for kittens.

But we are not, and have frankly never been, about the numbers. Continue reading » » »

June 16th, 2015 [1 Comment]

Thar she blows…

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534861_10150949181495973_1771585631_nAhoy, mateys.

If ever we wanted best mates, we’ve got them…and they are you.

Continue reading » » »