Triple treat update: Leeloo, Maia & Love

Triple treat update: Leeloo, Maia & Love

Love, and Maia, preventing the bed from being completed, and enjoying their new sunshiny window

Some moments in time crash over us and leave treasures in their wake, like a tide pool full of sand dollars.

The early ’40s gave us Casablanca and Le Petit Prince. The cusp of the 60s gave us the man on the moon speech and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And 1989 — oh 1989! — gave us the fall of the Berlin Wall, the debut of Saved by the Bell, and President George H.W. Bush’s official announcement that he doesn’t like broccoli.

But they all pale in comparison to another time. As if the cultural high-water mark of “Mambo No. 5” weren’t enough, the brief period of 1998 – 2001 gave us Leeloo, Maia and Love.*

Leeloo thinks enough unpacking has occurred for the day, and is ready to play!
Leeloo thinks enough unpacking has occurred for the day, and is ready to play!

By some (foolish, foul-smelling) standards, having been born in 1998 – 2001 renders a cat “old” and “less adoptable.” By some infinitely more admirable standards, having been born in 1998-2001 renders a cat “awesome.”

The infinitely admirable adopter of Maia, Love and Leeloo can explain (with a little help from the girls):

“Just wanted you to know that, two years after finding our forever Mom, we are now in our forever house. Mom promises that this is THE house, and there will be no more moves for the remainder of our lives.

“You should see our new home. It has lots more windows, and wonderful morning sun to wake Mom up at breakfast time (she can snooze a bit late in a dark bedroom, despite our best efforts).

“Also, we have stairs!!! Mom calls it a kitty treadmill. Whatever. It is just so much fun to go up, and down, and up, and down…you get the idea. And, we have a sunlight in our roof! And carpets. Do you have any idea how many places there are to snooze when you have a carpet? Sometimes, there are so many places, it’s hard to decide where to take the next nap. Mom wants to pull up the carpets because of the nice hardwood floors underneath. But, we’re going to convince her that carpets are much more comfortable. And, this house has a zillion boxes. Mom says our stuff is inside of them. Whatever. Boxes are fun to climb on, hide between and even nap inside. Who knew that moving could be this much fun?

Maia and Love preventing the bed from being completed
Maia and Love preventing the bed from being completed

“Well, actually, the move was not fun for Love. She stopped eating and drinking and had to go to the vet for subcutaneous fluids. Mom says Love decided to ‘check out’ of the move. But, that’s okay. Love is home now, and is back to eating and drinking, and is finally out from under the bed. Love now has her own chair and ottoman right next to a beautiful window, and she’ll probably live upstairs (forgoing the kitty treadmill).

“We had been deliberately delaying sending these pictures to you. Early on there seemed to be a change in Love, and we didn’t want to comment until we had more mews. However, since our arrival in our new home, Love has stopped vomiting. In our old apartment, she used to get sick at least once per week (and more, when it was time for another chiropractic adjustment). However, 8 weeks have now passed with no illness in our sister. Not only that, but Love has become a bit of a race cat, occasionally getting her sprint on in one of our looooong hallways.

“Love isn’t telling anyone her secret. We’ve tried to tickle it out of her, but no luck (sometimes we can’t catch her).

Leeloo has commandeered the laundry basket.
Leeloo has commandeered the laundry basket.

“But now, Mom finally has some pictures to share, and we would love to be featured on your blog.

“Please wave paw to all our friends at Tabby’s Place. Wishing everyone at Tabby’s Place happiness and their own forever families/homes.

“Blessings from Leeloo, Maia, Love and our Mom”

And blessings back to the girls who make age 12-15 look lovelier than Holly Golightly and more marvelous than the moon. May the kittens born in 2013 – 2016 take a page from your gracious book.

*Known in their Tabby’s Place era as Abby, Mia and Jade. If Sean Combs can become Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy and Diddy, and Snoop Dogg can morph into Snoop Lion and Snoopzilla, these feline superstars can rock any names they choose. And they can do it with great style.

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