Tremendous Tara and Beautiful Bonzai Adopted!!!

Tremendous Tara and Beautiful Bonzai Adopted!!!

bonzai-5142009Blacks cats have the terrible misfortune of being over looked for adoption all too often. Sometimes these black beauties just blend  into the crowd.   Some feel they’re not unique enough. And, some are, believe it or not, superstitious about owning a black cat.  But, not this week!

On Sunday an adopter fell madly in love with Tara, who arrived at Tabby’s Place last summer. Why Tara has been here so long, I have no idea. She’s a big (and I mean BIG!) solid-blacktara-633, short-hair with a wonderful, outgoing personality. After visiting the many fantastic cats at Tabby’s Place I left the adopter alone with Tara for a while in her “Weight Management” room. She charmed her visitors with little meows and kisses and the old flop-n-roll routine. When I returned, Tara was at the door, already having made the decision that she was going home that day. She left the adopter with little choice. And so, Tara joined a new family including Suri, a tortoiseshell who was previously adopted from Tabby’s Place.

bonzai-51420091jpg2The next day Tara’s adopter called with a terrific update on Tara. She had already made herself right at home. “But, I just can’t stop thinking about Bonzai,” she said.  Bonzai, a recent return, is a sleek, all-black cat with the most gorgeous gold eyes I’ve ever seen. Tara’s adopter felt her heart and her home were big enough to welcome one more kitty, so she returned later that day to adopted Bonzai as well.

I couldn’t be happier for these two special girls. They finally got the happy ending they so much deserved, superstitions and stereotypes be darned!

4 thoughts on “Tremendous Tara and Beautiful Bonzai Adopted!!!

  1. I always get happy tears when anyone is adopted – but black cats, and black and white cats especially. Woohoo! Tara and Bonzai! It was meant to be.

  2. Tara and Bonzai have asked me to pass along a thanks for this lovely post! Tara continues to give the distinct impression to all who meet her that she has been living in my home for decades. When she arrived on the first day, she strolled out of the carrier, looked at the other cats, and basically said, “Hi, how’s it going? I’m Tara and I’m moving in. Now could someone please direct me to the food court?” She may very well be the most adaptable cat in the history of the world–and a total lovebug, as well. Bonzai has bowled everyone over with her panther-sized purr and her undying fascination with the living room windows. She will literally recline on the window sill for seven or eight hours straight, getting a tan and watching all the bird and squirrel activity on the block. She has also become quite the source of entertainment for my mini-cat Pubert (a tiny 3 year old black cat I rescued from Finland). Pubert likes to stalk Bonzai and then climb on her back for a surprise pony ride. I’m not sure what Bonzai thinks of this, but she’s a very good sport about it all. Thank you, Tabby’s Place, for such wonderful cats!

  3. I love black cats SO much, and have made the decision that, if my darling vowels ever die, I will only adopt another black cat or two, simply because so many people are so bad to them, or think they are boring, or some other idiocy. So to read this just made my eyes tear up! Thank you, SuzanneD!!!

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