Update for Pixie

Update for Pixie

Happy mid-summer, Pixie devotees!

Ready for another update on our beautiful orange girl? Medical news first — there isn’t any, which is our favorite kind. Pix has enjoyed a month of stable good health, for which we are always grateful.

Pixie does her best to cope with questionable human decisions on her behalf, but there are times when a cat has to wonder at the people around her. If you can believe it, there was a day or two when she wasn’t allowed in her window box over the last month. You could almost see her asking herself what the humans were thinking by keeping her out of a favorite place. As it happens, what the humans were thinking was that the box was not safe for her. I was working in the Community Room with my back to the window box when I suddenly heard a loud crack. I turned around immediately. Sammy, who had been sleeping peacefully in the box, was on her feet hissing at a startled-looking Puzzle, who was on the cat tree closest to the window box. I don’t know exactly what happened, but some wood had split and was hanging off the box, making the plexiglas front unstable. If Pix was in the box and rolled or pushed against the plexiglas, she could fall out. Fortunately for all parties concerned, a mere two days and some strong glue later, all was well again.

Pixie continues to be the star of our Aged to Purrfection Program. The decision was made to send some kittens along on the last visit, as they’re so cute and so sweet we knew the seniors would love them. We could only laugh when we heard that the seniors preferred Miss Pix even to the little ones! It seems that a number of the residents in the senior community would like Pixie to be there on a permanent basis, but because of her special needs we’re not sure that would be a good idea.

Meanwhile, when she’s not charming seniors, Pix is at Tabby’s Place, enchanting visitors. While we’d love to see her find her “forever” home, we’re happy to know that she has a place where she’s comfortable and content in the meantime, and that’s thanks to you.