Update for Pixie

Update for Pixie

May greetings to you and to all Pixie’s friends!

In medical news, paraplegic cats are susceptible to urinary tract infections (UTIs), and while Pixie has avoided them in recent months, last month a bout of foul-smelling urine was the obvious indicator that she had come down with a UTI.

One can’t be sure if that had any effect on this, but Pixie also earned a ‘time out’ from the Aged to Purrfection program. While charming as ever with the humans she visited, at the end of her visits, she was getting a bit contrary when volunteers tried to put her back in her carrier.

But medical staff knows what to do for a UTI, and after treatment with antibiotics, the infection cleared up and Pixie smelled lady-like once more. Her misbehavior also turned out to be a temporary aberration, so she’s out of the (you’ll pardon the expression) doghouse and soon will be delighting her friends again.

When I visited her the day after Easter Sunday, Pixie was living her best life, serene in her Community Room window box. But before I could greet her, buff lady cat Carley Rose sauntered over for an extended session on my lap. Not that I am complaining about her pleasant company, but by the time Ms. C.R. was ready for a snack and hopped down to the floor, Pixie had nodded off. Of course, I wasn’t about to disturb her nap, so I visited cats in the Kitten Room and Suite B, then returned later in the afternoon.

By then, Pixie was wide-awake, keeping a close watch on the activity outside her window box. Even so, she looked so innocent (as you can see here), it was as though she were saying, “Those reports from Aged to Purrfection were exaggerated. Just look into my eyes and tell me that I could be capable of that behavior. Trust me! Oh no, I would never harm a feather on any little bird’s head, either.” You want to believe her, although it would ignore the evidence from millions of years of the circle of life.

But don’t all cats have that kind of fascination with food? It’s especially on display on this YouTube video channel: Cat’s Cooking. I’m not fooled by those cats, either. Let the chef leave that fish unguarded, and that would be the last time he’d see it.

Wishing you good food and all good things!

Your correspondent,