Update for Mona

Update for Mona

Hi, dear sponsor,

So much has happened in the FIV+ Suite since my last update.

First, our suite received the honor of being chosen to participate in The Evacuation Drill. Tabby’s Place staff practiced removing cats from the suites (as we’d have to do in case of a fire). I am proud to report that I was awarded a commendation as being an Exemplar of Courtesy and Cooperation, letting a staff member scoop me up in a towel and deliver me to the solarium.

There was also a change in our diet this month. This resulted in a few of the cats showing signs of gastrointestinal problems. In particular, we were a bit worried about Buddy and Charlie‘s reactions to the new food. (Buddy went on a minor “hunger strike,” while Charlie developed some diarrhea.) As always, the people at Tabby’s Place are monitoring the situation, making sure that everyone is OK.

As I mentioned in my last update, we have a new addition to our suite, Rogue. This beautiful girl is a bit on the wild side, with a personality that seems to change with the weather. She has a very scary scream that has upset some of the cats in our suite. For now, I try not to get involved in her orbit. She is probably just working through some issues. We are all hoping that she will calm down and enjoy our company as the months go by.

In other news, Cisco is finished with his ringworm treatments, and he is happy to be back in our suite, hanging out in cubbies with the quieter cats.

And here’s the biggest news: Newman has found a forever foster home with one of our volunteers! Staff, volunteers, and his feline friends (tearfully) say goodbye, and wish him well. Everyone will miss him dearly, as he is such a special fella.

I hope that you enjoy the last days of Winter. March may come in like a lion, but it goes out like a domestic short haired cat, who is purring.

I am so grateful for the gifts that you give to me, and to all my friends here.

Until next month,