Update for Mona

Update for Mona

Hello my dear sponsor,

Life has been rather quiet in the FIV+ suite…until now! As it turns out, our suite has suffered a serious ringworm outbreak! Charlie, Chachi, Cisco, Shea
and Rogue have been affected with visible lesions. This “unfortunate five” will be undergoing Tabby’s Place’s ringworm protocol: a 3-week-plus quarantine, with dips in lime sulfur solution. As an added precaution, those of us who are symptom-free were dipped once. Our suite was also thoroughly disinfected.

I am so lucky to not be infected, especially since I am always cuddling with the boys. Having one sulfur dip was enough for me!

I’m also very sorry that many of my suite mates will be missing the beautiful spring weather in the solarium. I look forward to their return, and to more cuddling.

My great friend McNulty has not been feeling so well due to his kidney problems. He has begun eating a special diet, which we hope will support his renal functioning — and he has regained his lost weight.

Sweet Wolfie had a mass removed from his chest, but happily it was just a fatty lump. Wolfie’s conjunctivitis has also improved.

While Charlie is being treated for ringworm, he has something incredibly special to look forward to when his treatment is complete! He will be packing his bags, and going home with the Director of Volunteers, Karina. We are overjoyed for Charlie and Karina! Of course, we will miss this charming guy.

Let’s hope that the gorgeous spring weather continues. Don’t forget to grab some sunshine for yourself!

As always, thank you for taking an interest in my monthly updates, and for all the ways that you support Tabby’s Place.

See you next month.