Update for Mona

Update for Mona

Hello lovely sponsors,

It’s me, Mona, star reporter for Suite FIV+ at Tabby’s Place. I hope that you are well.

We’ve had another chilly month, so I have decided to spend most of my time inside our suite until the weather makes up its mind to do the right thing — get warmer!! Being inside has its advantages,though. Here I am hanging out with one of my my beaus, Shea. It’s great to have him back after his many weeks of ringworm treatment. I very much enjoy his company, and I have filled him in on all the recent news.

So here’s this month’s scoop on our great group of felines:

Sweet Charlie looks as handsome as ever, although he has a very painful tooth that will be extracted later this month. He also still has evidence of a UTI, so he was started on a different antibiotic.

McNulty has lost a little weight recently and seemed a bit dehydrated. He has had some elevation of his kidney values and has been started on some SQ fluid therapy. He is such a loving boy when receiving his fluids; he just sits in a lap, and wants to be petted as he receives his treatment.

Cisco is having a mellow month and is enjoying warmer days hanging out in the solarium.Wolfie is doing magnificently on his high-fiber diet, slowly losing weight while still enjoying his meals. He’s having another bout of conjunctivitis, and is being treated with medication as usual.

And now for the report all my dear sponsors have been waiting for: my own health has been perfect!

As you can imagine, so much time, energy and love goes into taking care of all the cats here at Tabby’s Place. It’s a group effort, and they couldn’t do it without YOU!

So each month, I have the privilege to send you my update, and to say thank you from all of us at Tabby’s Place.

Let’s hope the weather warms up a bit, and we can all go outside and watch the flowers grow, and the birds sing.

Be well my dear friend,