Update for Jackie

Update for Jackie

Happy May Fabulous Sponsors!

This month we’ll start with the medical news. The ever-astounding Jackie continues to handle her chemotherapy like—in vet tech Denise’s words—a “rock star.” A brief bout of vomiting and diarrhea couldn’t keep Jackie down and resolved nicely with medication. It’s likely these tummy troubles were side effects of the chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, there was cause for some larger concern this month. Our vet team found a lump under Jackie’s left armpit, indicating that her cancer had returned. Jackie had surgery this week to have the mass removed. And to no one’s surprise, she did amazing under anesthesia and woke up quickly, asking for food!! She will start her new chemo next week.

There has been both some sad news and some wonderful news in Jackie’s lounge this month. You will remember Jackie’s new roommates, Flossie
and Fred. Unfortunately, Flossie passed away very suddenly one morning. While this is always difficult, she was surrounded by the staff who loved her. Fred was put on hold for adoption a few days later! I will miss his loud purrs but I am truly glad he is going to a happy home!

Now, onto Miss Jackie! I have an interesting story to tell. A few years ago, I met this young gentleman in the lobby. It was back during the time that Jackie was a lobby cat. This young man had been speaking to her and bent down to pick her up. I lunged towards him to stop him—no one picks Jackie up and lives to tell the tale!

He laughed! It seems that he and Jackie have a special relationship. I watched as he picked her up and she curled up on his lap. She was still growling, but not making a move to leave. Never in my life did I think I would witness such a thing!

Fast forward to two weeks ago. I’m visiting Tabby’s Place one day and Jackie is being incredibly sweet! She’s purring and she wants to be petted. I’m confused. Then, in walks the miracle worker! It’s the young gentleman I call “Jackie’s boy.” He’s home for summer break from college! Jackie is clearly very happy to see him, and vice versa. She does give him a little attitude when the visit first begins. Not long after, he literally has her eating out his hand!

It’s obvious that Jackie and her boy have a very special bond. It’s also obvious that Jackie is a happier cat when he is around. But with him being far away at school, it is not possible for him to be Jackie’s full-time boy. They are both content to spend as much time together as they can, whenever they can.

Thank you for sponsoring Jackie and please keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming her way!