Update for Fenek

Update for Fenek

September Greetings to You, and to All Fenek’s Friends!

Photo: Rob Schell
Photo: Rob Schell. The very model of a Distinguished Gentleman cat.

To begin with this month, I’m guessing that the following question is at the forefront of your mind: How was Fenek treated on Black Cat Appreciation day, August 17? I can report that the appreciation of our favorite Distinguished Gentleman cat properly knows no bounds, and certainly is not limited to one day a year.  (The Venn diagram of people who visit him and people who fall in love with him is a perfect circle.)

In preparing this month’s letter, I noticed that this is Fenek’s 25th update, marking the beginning of year 3 as his correspondent for you. I enjoy doing the research, to say the least, and it’s an interesting challenge to put it in writing, both to keep you updated on his condition and to regularly remind you of how much Tabby’s Place appreciates your generosity on his behalf.  Speaking of things that a lot of good people have come together to help create, the official grand opening of Quinn’s Corner is coming soon!

At the Grand Opening of Quinn’s Corner on Saturday 10/7, from 12-4 pm, we’ll be celebrating Tabby’s Place’s expansion for FeLV+ cats, and we’d sure love to have you with us. We’ll have tours, speeches, activities for all ages, and of course visits with our sensational cats! We’ll be emailing you further details soon, but please mark your calendars for this fabulous moment in feline history.

Just in case you joined somewhere in between update #1 in September 2021 and now, Fenek has had some health issues in the past couple of years. However, in the past month, Fenek continued to be in satisfactory health and good spirits. In the beginning, he shared a room with one other cat, but before long he moved across the hall to the lounge, where this social fellow would have more interaction with people.

He has also shared the lounge with several more cats, but recently that number has dwindled. Shifty was adopted, Baby and Rashida were transferred to other rooms, and sadly, Samantha passed August 26, followed by Lynette on September 2.

Like those signs on the interstate referencing your highway taxes at work, this snapshot of Fenek receiving medication signifies “your donations to Tabby’s Place in action.”

Two other diabetic cats, Taylor Ham and Chicken Nugget, have been assigned to the Lounge. Tabby’s Place staff is cautiously optimistic that they’ll quickly become one big happy family, although that’s not to say that there’ll never be hisses or half-whaps exchanged between cats. That’s just part of the settling-in process, and there are cages or enclosures in the room to separate them temporarily during that process.

Before I go, it’s always nice to see when a cat lover benefits from good fortune. Who’s to say that maybe Peaches, a lucky kitten, helped arrange for some of that luck to rub off on his kind human rescuers?

My wife and I agree we’ll never buy any lottery tickets that dangle the possibility (however immensely remote) of a billion-dollar payout. That kind of bundle is called “life-changing money,” but the web is full of stories that illustrate how change can go both ways.  You know, even a Rolls-Royce can get a flat tire, and as the joke goes, you’ll never see a hearse towing a U-Haul. However, if such a windfall ever came my way, first I’d contact a lawyer and an accountant, and then set up an appointment with Jonathan Rosenberg and bring a checkbook.

Until next month, I wish you good fortune and all other good things.

Your correspondent,