Update for Fenek

Update for Fenek

Warm September greetings to you, and to all of Fenek’s soon-to-be new friends!

Allow me to introduce Fenek: I’m happy to get the opportunity to know him, and I’m positive you’ll be happy, too.

Backing up a little: who or what is a fenek? A translation app answers that a fenek is a kind of fox—more commonly spelled fennecunless you’re speaking the Maltese language, in which case a fenek is a rabbit. Language lesson of the day: “Fenek iswed” is “black rabbit” in Maltese.

Neither of those quite describe the Fenek living here in Ringoes, New Jersey (by way of Brooklyn), where a Fenek is a cat; handsome, senior, and mostly black, although with a good-sized patch of white on his tummy.

When you look at him, his face is impassive while he observes you in return. While some cats, whether from fear or astonishment, see the world with wide eyes, Fenek has an air about him of experience, and it takes more than another new human for him to widen his eyes.  No need for an app to tell me what kind of mood he’s in.

My first clue about Fenek’s affectionate nature came while arranging to meet him. His office roommate, Volunteer Director Karina, asked me if I would come in while she wasn’t there. “If someone else is in my office,” she explained, “he won’t leave me alone.”

We arranged a date and time, and soon I arrived and knocked on Karina’s door. On her desk, Fenek was resting on a blanket. He remained there as Karina walked out, and I walked in and sat in a second chair opposite the one she uses. Another clue: she advised me to change chairs. Sure enough, moments after I got comfortable in the swivel chair, Fenek arose, moseyed over, and climbed onto my lap. I have to wonder, how long would he have stayed on that blanket as long as I wasn’t in the proper chair for meeting him?


What followed was an extended period of attention and affection. I petted him up and down his body, then switched to a Zoom Groom to take away some loose fur. Minutes before, he had never seen me, but now I was a valued friend, and I in turn was smitten with this confident fellow. I soon learned that he liked to give little love nibbles on exposed arm flesh, and got mine out of range.

I’m glad to be able to say that Fenek has been in good health and spirits this month.  Thank you so much for your support that helps provide him the insulin he needs, along with shelter, warmth, food, medical care, and the love he deserves.

Wishing you all good things!

Your correspondent,