Update for Elliot

Update for Elliot

Elliot’s Episodes #6

Greetings to My Dear Sponsors and Tabby’s Place Fans Everywhere!

It’s me, Elliot, upfront and personal to say “hello” and to bring you the latest news.

March is a great month.  First, we have Daylight Savings Time.  I don’t know what that means or where you hoomans save the daylight.  All I know is that I can look out the windows and see the sun for a longer time each day.

Then we have St. Patrick’s Day.  Some of the staff will be wearing green.  My coil is green, so I guess I can celebrate on March 17th as well.  Then we have spring…  yes, yes, YES…   springtime….and we can say “goodbye” and “good riddance” to the cold and windy winter. Yay!

So, last month I was not such a good boy.  If you recall, I was batting some of the kitties because I wanted to play.  Well, I am getting better at reading their social cues and am playing nicely with my friends these days.  But, (wasn’t there a BUT last month, too?!!!), the staff noticed that I have been panting after playing a lot. And they were very worried about my health.  Well, next came testing.  I had all kinds.  They did chest x-rays and drew blood.  The chest x-rays showed a bit of rounding of my heart muscle. That could mean heart disease.  I don’t want to have any diseases.  So they did more heart tests and found out that I did not have a disease.  They will re-test me later on.

The blood draws were for my allergy panels.  I don’t have any allergies as those tests came back negative.  Yay again!

Maybe I have just been playing too much and too hard and need to rest more in between bouts with my friends.  I am still playing with my coil and I carry it around in my mouth a lot. I run around a lot, too, as you can see in this video of me!

Lately, some hoomans have been taking a lot of pictures of me.  I like to oblige them so I pose for the camera.  Today you are seeing some of my best poses…up-front and personal, so you can really see how handsome I am.

Now that the weather is breaking and we are having some warmer and sunny days, I hope some of you will come to visit me here at the sanctuary.  I would love to get some good head and back massages.  And I might even let you play with my coil.  I might even run up on your shoulder and give you some kitty kisses.

So until next month, dear sponsors, be safe and well and warm and please think about adopting me.  If you can’t do that, please come to visit me and play for a while.  I would love that very much.

Love to all,
(With help from  your correspondent, Mary Anne)