Update for Elliot

Update for Elliot

Elliot’s Episodes, #12

Happy Fall, Dear Sponsors, and Tabby’s Place Fans!  Welcome to my latest episode.

Well, I have been pondering my future lately and trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up.  Recently, I thought about going to Hollywood and then being a greeter.  But I think I will let those go for now because I have so many new things to share with you this month.

Stephanie, a new volunteer, feeds my Suite B.  Whenever she comes in, I like to run about because I have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).  I go from one end of the room to the other and have to put my nose into all the food dishes.  Ha Ha…it is a lot of fun.

Mary Anne came to see me recently and she had a new purse.  There was some leather on the outside and I tried to chew on it.  Then I tried to chew on that pen again, but the food came and I dropped that idea right away.  There was a tray of wet food on the cat tree and I just had to jump up and see what kind it was.  Then I jumped down and ate my own food from my own dish.  I sucked up all the gravy and jumped on the ladder to scope out the area for more food. Maybe I should be a chef and cook my own food…hmmmm.

I opted to sit by Mary Anne since she gave me some really good back rubs and pets.  But I just had to wash her arms and hands since she missed a few spots with her morning shower.  Then I took my own post-supper bath but decided to go from dish to dish to see if I could get more leftovers.  I didn’t like them since there was NO GRAVY!

Me and my buddy, Cinnamon

I have a new friend in Suite B and his name is Cinnamon.  He is an orange kitty who is quite handsome.  Since he is young like me, we can run and play and wrestle and have such good times.  While I was sitting with Mary Anne, Cinnamon came by and she gave him lots of pets as she does with me.  But, not letting an opportunity pass me by, while Mary Anne was petting Cinnamon, I finished his wet food… (he had leftover gravy).

Here’s a video of me being my cute self!  I’m sure you will enjoy it!

So, I think for this month and maybe through the autumn and winter, I will just be a cat and enjoy all the fun at Tabby’s Place.  You see, I have my own “big screen TV “—I look through the big glass window and watch something called an IV pole.  Sometimes the staff rolls it into the lobby and hooks it up to a kitty or two or three.  They get some kind of fluids from that pole.  But I am glued to the window whenever it comes and always try to touch it. Somehow I can’t seem to touch it (hmmm).

My bird’s eye view of the lobby (like big screen TV!)

So, after all the hubbub with the feeding, things settled down and Suite B was very quiet with post-supper baths and naps.  And that is how I ended my visit with Mary Anne for this month.

Happy September and fall to all my Dear Sponsors.  I am here if you want to visit me.  And if you do, please bring some of that wonderful food with GRAVY!

Love to all, Elliot
(WIth help from your correspondent, Mary Anne)