Update for Elliot

Update for Elliot

Elliot’s Episodes #10

Happy July, Dear Sponsors and Tabby’s Place Fans.  Welcome to my latest episode.

So, I have decided that I am going to Hollywood.  Why not!!?!! Just look at these fantastic poses.  I could be a spokescat for a cat food company or even make movies.  I mean, look at these pix of me in the cubbies and in the sun.  These are great.

But wait—I suppose I would have to first plan my escape.  The closest I can get is on the ladder.  This won’t get me far, and the staff here at Tabby’s Place is not paying my plane fare.

Then, I would have to give up playing with my favorite toys like the wand (video) and keeping it away from kitties in the lobby, like Hips, who you see in the video.  It’s actually not hard to keep it away from them since there is a big glass window between us!   And I would not be able to watch Lisa expressing Valerie in the morning. I do have supervisory chores here at Tabby’s Place, you know.  And I always put my nose right to the glass so I don’t miss anything.

I am doing so well with my litter box training.  I got a sample on the paper under the box since my heiny was so close to the edge.  But after a long battle with that paper, I managed to fold it over since I could not cover it with the litter.

Hmmm, if I go to Hollywood, I won’t be able to run from place to place while Sheila is feeding us the wet food on her Sunday visits.  I like to check out each and every bowl to see what I like best.  Sheila gives me my very own bowl, but I can’t let good wet food go to waste.  Once I am sure that everyone’s bowl is the same, then I have my breakfast.

We have a lot of visitors here at the sanctuary.  And I love running up to the window and making my presence known.  Lisa says a lot of folks ask about me and watch me play and run about.

So, guess what!!!  I am going to give up my Hollywood trip and stay right here at Tabby’s Place.  I can be a goodwill ambassador for the sanctuary.  After all, just look at these pix and tell me if I am not a bonafide  “ham.”

My monthly health report is good.  No issues:  my ears are clean, my manis and pedis are up to date, my teeth are good, and my organs are performing at top function.  So, Hollywood can wait.  I will be right here for all of you to come and visit me and play with me.  I love to play.

Dear sponsors, I wish that you all have a wonderful month and try to get to Tabby’s Place and spend some time with me.  And then fall in love with me. Because I’ve already fallen in love with you.

Until then, my love to you, such very special friends of mine.

(With help from your correspondent, Mary Anne)