Update for Carrot

Update for Carrot

Greetings to all Carrot Fans!

Tabby’s Place celebrated quite a milestone this month! We have officially welcomed our 4,000th cat! Her name is Serendipity, and she is a sweet Siamese mix who gave birth to 5 healthy male kittens in the lap of one of our own staff members. Her boys have affectionately been named Loki, Bartelby, Rufus, Jay, and Silent Bob. If you’re not familiar with the names, they are characters in a Kevin Smith movie, who hales from New Jersey. I must admit, this is one of my favorite group names!

Now onto our boy…

Carrot has been in good health and spirits this month, aside from the occasional harassment at the paws of Sketch. He, Sketch, and Alex have welcomed the three cats from the neighboring Suite C to Suite B: Josie, Lucy, and Lost. Xena also moved to Suite B, so this suite is our new hypoallergenic diet room. I haven’t heard Carrot complain about the food change.

I was able to visit Carrot over the weekend and we had a great visit! Carrot can usually be found in the solarium, so I went in and sat on the floor. Carrot climbed right up in my lap for a cuddle! His suite-mate Alex thought it would be fun to lick my toes while I was loving on Carrot. Alex is a cat that loves other cats, but he is an orange-collared cat for humans. The orange collar is a caution warning that you need to have advanced training with our behaviorist in order to interact with him. There are only a few orange-collared kitties at Tabby’s Place. While Alex was rolling around on my feet, Carrot was purring away in my lap until his Comfort Buddy (let’s call him B) came into the solarium. Carrot ditched me like a hot potato and jumped right in B’s lap!

Tabby’s Place annual Linda Fund Matching Challenge is now underway! The Linda Fund raises money for emergency and specialty veterinary care for the cats of Tabby’s Place. This includes urgent care that some of our special kitties need upon arrival. It also includes ultrasounds and echocardiograms that cats like Boobalah, Fenek, and Josie might undergo each year. From now until September 8th, your donations will be doubled thanks to some very kind and generous donors who provided the matching funds!

As always, thank you for sponsoring our sweet Carrot!

Your correspondent,