Update for Bialy

Update for Bialy

Greetings, Bialy fans!

It seems to have been especially fortuitous that Bialy betook himself to the lobby in the last few months, since both he and Tashi grew more independent of each other before Tashi went to his forever home in January.

Now Bialy has yet another don’t-mess-with-me old lady cat to get to know, as Cookie has made the move to lobby cat (after something like 8 years at Tabby’s Place!) Actually, Cookie doesn’t quite know what to make of Bialy so far, either, but they’re working on their relationship. Cookie is a little more receptive to attention if you’re very quiet and patient with her. Maybe Bialy can try that.

Bialy, in the meantime, has taken to attempting to slither under the laundry room door in pursuit of food, though he’s only succeeded in getting his front paws up to the shoulder so far. He may also be missing the food on the floor that used to be available for Gabriella, who was adopted with Tashi. Not that there’s really any food shortage for Bialy.

One hungry look from him and the staff hastens to provide what he wants, and there’s always the Community Room if the Lobby doesn’t have quite what he wants. One of this week’s photos is in the Community Room as he waits to go back to the Lobby. Guess they didn’t have what he was looking for in there.

I had a very nice visit with Bialy last week. He insisted on at least two sessions of quality lap time. The second time he almost fell asleep as I attempted to work at the computer one-handed. I think maybe he was jealous since I had just spent some time with another sweet black boy named Goldie.

When I visited again today Bialy was on the lobby floor. As I began to pet him he turned over for a good belly rub. He may not be a baby anymore but he still loves his belly rubs.

There’s no medical news for Bialy this month.

He thanks you for your continued support and sends his best purrs.