Update for Bialy

Update for Bialy

Greetings, friends of Bialy!

I am so excited to be writing to you this month, with the very best kind of news about our bobbly boy – Bialy has been adopted!

Bialy has long been one of my favorite cats at Tabby’s Place; apart from being totally adorable, he claimed my lap as his special afternoon spot on my first days as a staff member. As soon as I’d sit at my desk to get to work, Bialy would weave his way to me and patiently wait for me to help him into my lap. (Of course, the work would then have to wait a bit, since a belly rub instantly moved to the top of the agenda!)

You might think, then, that saying goodbye to Bialy is bittersweet for me, and I suppose it is, just the littlest bit. But mostly, I’m thrilled for this wonderful cat. We’ve known for a long time how special he is, and it just took a little time for his forever family to welcome him home.

In fact, they’ve known for a long time how special Bialy is, too. See, Bialy was adopted by long-time friends and supporters of Tabby’s Place, and they’ve loved him since they met him. Last summer, they brought Joe home, but they wanted Bialy, too. Fast forward a few months, and now these two sweet black kitty boys are together in their forever home. As Bialy’s new mama put it, she loves having Joe, but “BOTH IS EVEN BETTER!”

Who would have thought, last year, when Tashi and Bialy first became fast friends and sparring partners, that by spring of this year, both would be happily settled in their forever homes? And when Bialy decided to move to the lobby and became more independent, who knew that it would be a precursor to venturing to his own home? We’re going to miss him terribly; he is such a sunshiny cat, and always good for some love. But now our sweet little Bialy gets to bask in the all-time best kind of love – the love of his very own family.

Thank you for supporting Bialy during his time at Tabby’s Place. We didn’t know quite what was in store for the little black kitten who wobbled and bobbled everywhere, but hasn’t it turned out well? Yes, saying farewell is a little bittersweet. But I’m so happy for our Bialy, who finally has his forever home.

This month’s photos were taken by Beverly, who was at Tabby’s Place a few days before Bialy went home. She said your goodbyes for you along with her own.

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We do hope that you decide to continue supporting our cats in need. And, whatever you do, bless you for your caring about sweet Bialy.