Update for Adam

Update for Adam

Happy July, dear Sponsors!

Adam and I hope that you are all well.  Adam is doing better this month and is enjoying his summer.

In medical news, Adam has been much more lively the last few weeks.  While he is still presenting with more neurological symptoms than he has in the past, this is to be expected with his condition and age.  His weight has been stable, but he had several days of vomiting and inconsistent stools.  He was given some fluids for mild dehydration and some anti-nausea medication as well. Adam developed some droopy ears which is a common side effect of long-term use of steroids.  The staff will monitor this and try to decrease his dose if necessary.

I discovered this month that Adam is not a morning cat.  I am usually at Tabby’s Place in the morning doing cleaning and Adam was always so listless, I was getting really worried.  The last few weeks I have been helping out during different shifts so I have gotten to see Adam at other times.  He is much perkier in the afternoon.  He often spends the afternoons in the solarium hanging out on the shelves with the other cats, watching the birds and feeling the breeze.  I am so relieved to see him more active in the afternoons and I don’t feel quite as concerned about him as I was.

The past few weeks when I have been cleaning his suite, Adam has decided to take a little stroll down the hallway at Tabby’s Place.  He just wanders out of the room when I open the door to put garbage or laundry outside in the hall. He is so cute!  He just meanders down the hall, stopping to sniff whatever he finds.  Since all of the rooms are being cleaned, he finds many dirty litter pans, laundry, stray pieces of food, you name it.

He doesn’t seem interested in eating anything or rolling in anything, just sniffing.  I have had to go and retrieve him on more than one occasion and it is really sweet.  Adam really seems to like these little outings. Hopefully, with this and his stroller rides, he is living his fullest, most enriched life.

This month has been exciting for the whole sanctuary.  We broke ground for our new wing called Quinn’s Corner.  This will be a huge addition to Tabby’s Place and will allow us to help cats with Feline Leukemia (FeLV) and also fragile newborn kittens.  We are all very excited.  Adam has been eyeing the heavy equipment that is currently digging up the side yard to get ready to build.  When he takes his stroller walks, he gets a bit of a view of all that’s going on.

It’s because of wonderful people like you that Adam is so well cared for and great things like Quinn’s Corner are coming to life.  We are ever so grateful for all that you do for Tabby’s Place and for the cats. Adam and I hope that you have a wonderful month.  We hope that you enjoy all the splendor that summer has to offer.

Your correspondent,