Ben and Geri: Buddies for life

Ben and Geri: Buddies for life

Ben by DanielleI want to thank each and every one of you for all your kind words and support on our loss of Ben. It has been a hard time and I still miss him so much.

I would not have had the chance to love Ben and Geri without a wonderful lady named Annmarie. She was the one who found them living outside, and she was the one who cared for them while they were on the Tabby’s Place waiting list until we could take them. Then she was the one who took them both into her home when Geri got injured outside. She has a huge heart and I wanted to share the email and photo she sent us. The photo is from Ben and Geri’s outside days, and it shows the bond was always there for this devoted pair.

Thank you for taking such good care of my boy Ben!  My heart is saddened that he is no longer here on earth and able to enjoy time with  Geri & the staff at Tabby’s, but relieved he is not suffering.  His placement into Tabby’s Place was his real gift of life.  Thank you for doing everything for the last year and a half to allow this peaceful boy to live in comfort & without fear as he had done for so many years.

I am attaching this picture of Ben & Geri from their days outside.  To me this picture symbolized the bond the two had and the beauty of their being.

I will always think of them exactly this way!

Ben and Geri, Buddies for life
Ben and Geri, Buddies for life

Thank you so much, Annmarie, for taking care of this wonderful pair when they needed someone the most, and thank you for bringing them into my life. My life is forever changed by my love for them both.

5 thoughts on “Ben and Geri: Buddies for life

  1. Ben will be missed, but I’m sure Geri will help to carry on his legacy. The picture shows that they really had a close bond. But remember Karina and Annmarie you both were also a part of that special bond.

  2. What a great photo! I am glad that both Ben and Geri got to have two such caring people in their lives. I wish all the best for Geri, and hope she knows that Ben is watching over her, waiting patiently for the time when he gets to snuggle up with his best buddy again.

  3. It’s hard to look at this picture and not feel sadness that Ben is gone, yet elation that he had his buddy Geri, Annmarie to save him, Karina and Tabby’s Place to love him…he was a cat among cats!

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