Update for Yardley

Update for Yardley

Greetings, Yardley Sponsors!

Hope you are staying cool! It is quite humid and muggy here in NJ. We have an old house, which means a certain air conditioner in Yardley’s room needs to be unplugged in order to use the toaster oven. This mostly works out fine. The hardest part is remembering to plug the air conditioner back in after the toaster oven is off.

The ten-year-old child that lives with Yardley reminds us often to plug the air conditioner back in, so Yardley is staying cool!

Yardley has changed her spot yet again, as has the ten-year-old. They both now spend most of their time right in front of the air conditioner. My son laid out a blanket area with his laptop, and Yardley is right next to him. It is very sweet.

Yardley has decided that she wants to scoop her dry food into her water bowl. The humans in the house think this is gross. Yardley disagrees. I cleaned out her water bowl and put it back. I thought this was a one-time event, but I was wrong. The next day, the same thing.

Now her water bowl is far away from her dry food. Let’s see her try to drown her dry food this time!

Thank you, as always, for your support of our interesting feline!

Your correspondent,