Update for Yardley

Update for Yardley

Greetings, Yardley Sponsors!

Hope you are doing well as the weather gets colder.

Yardley is doing well. I do not think she appreciates the winter. She has been hanging out near the heaters in our house. I do not blame her. It is nice and toasty there.

As far as Yardley’s health is concerned, she is doing fantastic. She is eating well, her stool has been solid, and her weight is stable. She is doing very well off of chemotherapy pills.

As far as her behavior and stress go, Yardley has been a bit upset. She has been getting more hissy and grumpy with the other cats. Months ago, we started her on Prozac to help with her inter-cat issues. She had seemed to tolerate them a lot more. She was not growling or hissing as much. The past two weeks, she seems a bit more stressed. We increased her Prozac last week. It does take a few weeks to know if it is really helping. Stay tuned for a behavior update for next week.

Other than that, all is well. Yardley is a mostly happy girl. Thank you for sponsoring her, especially during this difficult time. Every day with Yardley is a gift. We are very happy that she has surpassed her cancer prognosis. We never know what the future holds, so we will treasure each day with Yardley. Thank you for sponsoring Yardley and helping her live a happy life.

We wish you a warm and wonderful holiday season this year.

Your correspondent,