Update for Wolfie

Update for Wolfie

Happy New Year, Team Wolfie.

Angela here, Tabby’s Place’s Development Director and longtime Wolfie adorer. It’s always a pleasure to hang out with you, Wolfie’s most faithful friends, and to share his latest antics.

OK, “antics” is a bit of a stretch when it comes to our favorite slow-moving vehicle. When we think of scampering, capering, wild-and-crazy guys at Tabby’s Place, Wolfie does not exactly make the top ten. He does, however, like to make you think twice before you rule him out of the “rambunctious” category. I’ll explain.

Every so often, for seemingly no apparent reason, Wolfie will be overtaken by what I can only describe as The Wild. On an otherwise ordinary afternoon in Suite FIV, with cats in various states of blissful unconsciousness all around him, Wolfie will suddenly, without warning, spring into action.

Insane, unbridled, utterly gleeful action.

He’ll hurtle his basketball-ish body through the suite, rounding corners and cutting tight corkscrews, playing with toys real or imagined, only to throw his entire dinosaur self at the floor in a final feat of rolling, rollicking glee. I’ve seen this repeatedly (it often ends with Wolfie triumphantly catching his own foot or tail), and it ends as quickly as it begins.

Make no mistake: he may look like the huggiest of all stuffed animals (and move even less), but Wolfie still knows how to work The Wild. It’s in him, and sometimes it just has to come out!

Happily, Wolfie’s wildness has been unhindered by any illness this month. He’s enjoying stable, stellar health, and we’re doing everything in our power to keep it that way. That includes starting up a new antifungal treatment. Since our Wolfman has proven so vulnerable to ringworm, we’ll be treating him with a regular medication to prevent future infections (and banishments to our quarantine area).

As we fend off that frustrating fungus, Wolfie can enjoy more important things, like the business of getting to know new neighbors. Suite FIV has been a busy, bustling place recently, with newbies Prince and Knickers arriving, followed by the departures of Prince (to his forever home), Stafford (to Jonathan’s office, following Opa‘s adoption), and Chachi

Oh, dear sponsors, this one hurts horribly to share. Wolfie’s longtime friend — make that everyone‘s longtime friend — Chachi has passed away. Our gentle boy was simply one of the kindest cats you could ever hope to meet, and he left everyone who loved him changed for the better. In the wake of his passing after a long cancer battle, we’re all aching with sorrow and holding onto gratitude for having lived in his light.

We can’t know exactly how cats grieve, but I’m confident Wolfie and his neighbors miss their loyal longtime friend. We’re lavishing the boys (and Rogue) with love at this sad time.

Then again, we’re always lavishing them with love. Thank you, dear sponsors, for so faithfully making that possible. Wolfie’s wild, wonderful zest for life is due in no small part to your kindness. It’s an honor and a joy to serve Wolfie and company with you.