Update for Wolfie

Update for Wolfie

Dear Friend,

I hope you’re enjoying these last days of summer. I’ve been quite healthy and have been enjoying spending a lot of time in the solarium with my friends. I’m usually out there with Chachi, Shea, Wilbur, and Rogue. I don’t think of Rogue as a friend, but she doesn’t bother me when we’re in the solarium; she’s usually in an igloo.

Recently, some friends of Angela, our Development Director, paid her a surprise visit. When she offered to give them a tour of the sanctuary, the couple reluctantly agreed. What was only supposed to be a ten minute tour changed when they visited the FIV+ solarium. The husband must have been a man of good breeding with an appreciation for the finer things in life. That was obvious when he saw me and exclaimed, “Oh, that one is gorgeous! He has a stunning coat! What a handsome cat!” I think the fact that he was British might have explained his reaction to me. A friend always maintained that I was a British shorthair. Perhaps, he felt a kinship with me. Angela said, “It was heartening to know that someone else sees Wolfie’s beauty as much as we do.” Wow! I’m beautiful? I knew that I was lovable and irresistible, but beautiful, too? That makes me feel special!

I have always tried to get along with all of my suitemates, but Rufus has been a challenge. For some reason, he hates me and has decided that I’m his enemy. I don’t know why. On several occasions, he has been quite aggressive. One afternoon, a volunteer had to protect me from his antagonistic behavior. She told me she thought Rufus was obsessed with me. After protecting me for 15 minutes, she finally crated Rufus.

One afternoon, when Lynn entered the room, I was resting at the top of the ramp, far away from Rufus. Because I wanted some attention, I went down the ramp to see Lynn. Since I remained on top of the cubbies, she had to reach up to pet me. After she finished petting me, I decided to lie down on top of the cubbies, on the end closest to the door. I was just lying there, minding my own business, when I was viciously attacked by my archenemy Rufus! Well, maybe he didn’t viciously attack me, but he did reach up and swat me. He probably would have assaulted me if Lynn hadn’t pulled him down and told him to stop! I didn’t fight back or run from him. I stayed where I was and stared down at him.

One afternoon when Lynn visited us, I was lying in a bed underneath the cages. Before she had a chance to look for me, Rufus rushed over to greet her. She sat down with him, petting him and talking to him. She even gave him a catnip toy. She hasn’t given me any catnip toys recently. The fact that I’m not crazy about catnip toys is irrelevant; it’s the principle. She’s my correspondent — not his! I should be her first priority! When she finally decided to call me, I decided to ignore her!

Several days later, I was relaxing on the cat tower in the solarium when Lynn visited. I guess she learned her lesson, because she came over to see me immediately. She spent a long time petting me and telling me what a good boy I was. I was interested in what she was saying until I saw something more interesting outside.

There were two mourning doves on the walkway to Cherny’s Garden. They were just standing there. It looked as if they were having a conversation. Seeing them made me think of my good buddy Buddy. One afternoon, the two of us watched a robin pulling a worm from the ground. I hadn’t been at Tabby’s Place very long at the time, and it was nice spending time with a friend. Perhaps, Rufus will be my friend some day.

The situation with Rufus does seem to be improving. For a while, the only cats who stayed inside during the day were Lester and Rufus. Now that more of us are staying inside, Rufus seems to be getting used to being around more cats. Wilbur has taken over what used to be Rufus’s chosen spot on the cubbies, and Rufus has accepted that. One day, when I was enjoying our new cat tree, I thought Rufus was going to join me. He climbed up but quickly jumped back down. The fact that I was staring at him might have been a contributing factor in his decision to reverse direction.

I guess I’m not too up-to-date on holidays, because I didn’t realize that September 1st was International Bacon Day. Lynn and another volunteer, who is Shea’s friend, brought us bite-sized pieces of crisp bacon. Lynn explained that they were giving us the bacon in honor of Bacon, a cat here at Tabby’s Place. I don’t know Bacon, but I enjoyed the bacon.

When I was at the shelter before Tabby’s Place, Lynn would occasionally give me some spring water. She’d pour it into a small dish and hold the dish so I could have a drink while I was on the cat tower. Recently, a volunteer came into our room and put a can containing a drink on top of the cubbies. I immediately became curious about its contents. The volunteer was waving a wand around and wasn’t paying any attention to me, so I was able to inspect the can. I’d been at the top of the ramp, but came down to investigate. I knew that I could easily tip the can over and have a drink if I liked what was in the can. When I sniffed the can, I lost interest. Since that wasn’t tempting, I jumped down and had a drink of water.

A few days ago, we had a shock. Amos, a former suitemate who’d been moved to the office of our Founder and Director, crossed suddenly to the Rainbow Bridge. We knew he’d been sick and had been taken to an emergency hospital, but he’d returned because his condition had improved. As he was returning to Tabby’s Place, one of his favorite volunteers was pulling into the driveway. Fortunately for both of them, they were able to enjoy some time together. The volunteer said that Sherbet, Amos’s officemate, welcomed him home by licking him three times on his head. Perhaps, Sherbet knew and was saying goodbye to his friend.

John Taylor said, “While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil.” Amos, we are left to mourn, but McNulty, Donna, Jackie, and Zencada are probably glad to welcome a friend. At last, you’re all pain-free, and for that, we are grateful. Amos, we are as grateful for having had the chance to know you. You will be missed. Rest in peace, my friend.

Thank you, dear Sponsor, for your support. I am so grateful.

Love and prayers,