Update for Wolfie

Update for Wolfie

Dear friends of Wolfie,

I’m happy to report that Wolfie has finished his ringworm treatment and has been sprung from quarantine. He’s back in the FIV+ Suite with his old pals, including new roommate Oscar, an adorable orange tabby boy.

Wolfie had good company in quarantine. One was a pale marmalade cutie, Knickers, and the other was a tiny, sweet grey kitten named Gatti (who was snatched up and adopted right away!). As newbies to Tabby’s Place, I’m sure Wolfie shared his wisdom with Knickers and Gatti and helped comfort them in their new environment.

I love visiting with Wolfie. He has this cool – almost aloof – vibe that says “You wanna pet me? Whatever.” But when you reach out your hand, there’s a glimmer of joy in his eyes right before he shuts them so that you can gently rub his entire big head. While he may look indifferent, or even mad at times, he’s a big, giant marshmallow just below the surface with a heart of solid gold.

The winter cold has arrived, so Wolfie and his friends are enjoying the indoor warmth. Instead of looking out into Cherny’s Garden, like they do when they’re in the solarium, Wolfie and the gang are enjoying watching the shenanigans taking place in the lobby.

I asked Wolfie what he wanted for the holidays and he told me that his wish is for you to know how much he loves and appreciates you. We at Tabby’s Place, and especially Wolfie, are deeply grateful for all your love and support.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays!