Update for Thomas

Update for Thomas

Greetings to Team Thomas!

Wonderful news: our lovable boy is back in his suite, and his feeding tube has been removed (and not a minute too soon, as the other cats regarded it as a toy!!). Thomas is still being crated at night to ensure that he’s eating enough, and we’re watching him especially carefully, including monitoring his weight. But so far, he’s doing well.

Despite all of the difficulties he’s had lately, Thomas appears little the worse for wear. He demands attention when you enter his suite (he’d prefer that you focus solely on him, but the other cats in the suite just keep interfering), which is normal behavior for our sweet guy. He’s been seen delivering a swat or two whenever a suitemate (like Dusty, pictured here) annoys him.

And, best of all, Thomas has been venturing out into his beloved solarium again, basking in the autumn sun and testing any stray breeze that comes his way.

We’re thrilled that Thomas is finally healing, and we hope he’s seen the last of his medical issues for a long time to come. Thank you so much for helping to give our His Orangeness the advanced care he’s required and deserving of.