Update for Thomas

Update for Thomas

A big hello to Team Thomas!

His Orangeness has been enjoying the autumn in his solarium (at least, he seems to regard it as his property). With the “disappearance” of both Huckleberry and Chopper (both were adopted), the atmosphere in the FIV+ Suite has been almost calm over the past few weeks, something most of the feline residents appear to appreciate as much as their human caretakers do.

However, within the next few weeks, two new FIV+ kitties, Hocus and Kirk, will be introduced into the suite. We don’t really expect any trouble from our laid-back marmalade tabby; Thomas is usually far more concerned with getting attention from people than he is with interacting with his suitemates.

Medically, however, all is not quite as well as might be wished. Thomas’ weird skin issues have flared up once again. Even our vet is puzzled at this point, referring to the lesions alternately as “acne” or “Thomasitis.” We’re using a gentle veterinary shampoo daily on his handsome face and hoping that this will help. Luckily, His Orangeness doesn’t mind this treatment at all.

Thomas and I wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving! As always, thank you for your continued generosity in helping us keep our sweet boy comfortable and happy.