Update for Thomas

Update for Thomas

Holiday greetings to Team Thomas!

It’s been smooth sailing for His Orangeness for the past few weeks, something I’m delighted to share with you. Thomas has been stable medically, with none of those nasty skin lesions; he’s only had a mild case of acne on his handsome face. And that doesn’t faze him in the slightest, as he continues to be the Number One lap cat in the FIV+ suite (there would be other contenders for that title, but Thomas can beat almost anyone else into a lap these days).

Thomas seems to have a couple of new buddies, as well. Long-time suitemate Jimmy has decided that he and Thomas should hang out more, and the two have been seen together frequently, sometimes even grooming one another.

One of our favorite orange tabby’s new suitemates, Kirk, appears to like other felines, especially Thomas. Kirk looks like a tough guy, but we know better! When Thomas is curled up on a lap, Kirk will usually be rubbing on the owner of the lap, sometimes sniffing Thomas closely (oddly, Thomas doesn’t seem to object to this at all). Kirk has even groomed Thomas quickly once or twice, and there’s been no sign of any confrontation between the two—amazing, considering how short a time Kirk has been in the suite. By the way, Thomas’ other new suitemate, Hocus, is very shy and doesn’t interact much with the other cats.

As the year draws to a close, know that I’m truly grateful for your support of our sweet marmalade boy. There are a lot of deserving causes in this world, and it means so much that you’ve chosen to support such a special cat. I wish you Happy Holidays, and a healthy and joyful New Year.