Update for Thomas

Update for Thomas

Happy Last Month of Summer to Team Thomas!

Time continues its relentless march, but there are instances when that’s not such a bad thing. Last month, if you recall, our favorite orange tabby had been plagued again by skin lesions, and we’d had to increase his dose of steroids. Although we don’t like giving steroids to our kitties, it’s proven worthwhile here. Those pernicious lesions have cleared up beautifully, and Thomas’ brilliant orange coat is a-gleam once more.

In fact, he’s doing so well that we’ve been able to decrease his steroid dose to just 1/2 tablet, every other day. By the time you read this, he’ll have had a re-check, and we hope we’ll be able to reduce his dose even further.

Thunderstorms were in the forecast on a recent weekend afternoon when I was at Tabby’s Place. Thomas and Friends (including Jasper, pictured with him here) were in the solarium when it started raining, but it was only light rain—at first.

I had just finished showing our kittens to a woman interested in adopting when the weather suddenly became much more interesting! A few lightning bolts, several crashes of thunder, and some serious wind gusts, combined with much heavier rain, meant that the poor FIV kitties in the solarium had suddenly become both wet and scared.

I ran to get a staffer to help me get them into their suite (remember, we have to keep certain FIV+ cats separated, so this isn’t as easy as it sounds). But Thomas knew exactly how to handle matters. Instead of retreating to the top of the ramp or into a cat condo, as some of his suitemates did, he went to the door. I had only opened the solarium door a crack when he squeezed into the hallway. Luckily, our well-behaved boy made a beeline for the door of his suite, and he popped inside as soon as I opened it.

When I went to check on His Orangeness a short while later, he was finishing a grooming session and preparing for a well-deserved nap.

As ever, your continued support of Thomas is much appreciated. Thank you!