Update for Thomas

Update for Thomas

Hello, Fans of Sir Thomas!!

My name is Kim, and I am honored to be writing the Valentine’s month update for Thomas! He sends his friend and regular Correspondent Stephanie hugs and kisses for this special holiday, and looks forward to her return next month!

If you kindly recall, we have “met” previously! I am correspondent for Thomas’ dear friend Fuzzy, and feel I know both of our “boys” well! Though different in personality, they have a special bond. In honor of this month of love, I would like to share some special thoughts with you about their friendship.

What is a “soulmate?” When looking online, I found it defined as “two individuals whose lives cross in a meaningful way.” If you have ever met someone that you feel is your “soulmate,” you are very lucky, indeed! But do you think soulmates are just “human” in form? Is it possible to have an animal as a soulmate? I think it is! Here at Tabby’s Place, we have another special kind of soulmate. I would like to call it “SOS,” or “Substitute of Soulmate,” and it describes the special bond of affection Thomas and Fuzzy have for one another.

Since neither of these boys have found an adopter (who I would consider their true “soulmate”), I think the friendship between Thomas and Fuzzy has served to help brighten up some long days for each of them here at Tabby’s Place. Though opposites in a lot of ways, they play wonderfully well together! It is said that “opposites attract,” and we know this to be true as we watch them “Sumo Wrestle” in the FIV+ Suite. Thomas’s “uniform” is a deep orange, while Fuzzy is outfitted in pale buff. With respect to seniority, always important in Sumo Wrestling, Thomas is “the elder,” quiet, well-mannered, and settled. Fuzzy is friendly, outgoing, and playful.

Both have many a female fan, and while Thomas will treat the ladies like the true gentleman he is, Fuzzy is a flirtatious boy, and soaks up all that female attention! It seems when one of them is ready to rest, the other is ready to play! However, they get along well. Though our special wish would be for someone to adopt both of these boys together (one soulmate for both cats!), such an adoption is unlikely.

Thomas has been blessed with the good health this month to keep the pace with his youngster friend. For this, we are grateful! He feels safe and content, but I think he is starting to show just a touch of age now. (Do you like his little red boa, for Valentine’s Day? He didn’t!) It would be so wonderful if this cat, the “13th” cat to enter Tabby’s Place years ago, could find his true soulmate, to live in a home for his final years! But we love, honor, and cherish him here at Tabby’s Place – after all, it’s what we do best!

We thank you, dearest sponsors, for your help in doing just that!

Happy Valentine’s Day, from Thomas, with much love!