Update for Thomas

Update for Thomas

Hello, Friends of Sir Thomas!

My name is Kim, and I am honored to be Correspondent for Thomas this month, as his friend and regular Correspondent, Stephanie, is on vacation. Thomas wishes her a wonderful trip, and looks forward to her return! In the meantime, as Correspondent for Fuzzy and Michael, I know Thomas quite well, and I’m delighted to write for him.

Batter Up!

It’s a Touchdown!

Checkered Flags A-Waving!

Gee, I never know what the “Sport of the Day” will be when I enter the FIV+ suite to visit, but I KNOW its participants will be Thomas and Fuzzy! I am starting to feel like a “Sports Mother!” Which sport are our “athletes” playing today?

If we choose baseball, we might find “batter up” to be Fuzzy! He so likes right paw-swiping those jingle-bell balls in Thomas’s direction!

Up for a wrestling match, anyone? This is a sport at which Thomas and Fuzzy excel! Our Development Director here at Tabby’s Place, Angela, mentioned
that Thomas and Fuzzy reminded her of Sumo wrestlers. In reflecting on that comment, I realized I was not really sure of the difference between “Sumo” wrestling and “traditional” wrestling. After researching a bit online, I came to the basic conclusion that in Sumo wrestling, it’s all toes and hands-if any other bodily part touches the ground when in the ring, the contestant is disqualified. The matches are quick, and sometimes over in a few moments.

That’s it! Here was the explanation for which I had been searching! In trying to figure out how to best describe this pair’s “antics” to our Sponsors, I realized the comment Angela had made was exactly correct! I could almost hear the announcer broadcasting the match, as I watched them:

“In the far left corner of the ring, we have
‘Sir Thomas!’ Strong, orange, and determined! ‘King Marmalade!’ Doesn’t he look ready for the match? What a stance!”

“Yes, that is correct-it’s ‘Fabulous Fuzzy’
in the right corner of the ring! Also known as
‘Fuzzy-Buff’ (due to his salmon, or buff-like coloring). Look at that Fuzzbuster! Can the judges hold him back? He is ready to pounce, and the bell has not even rung yet!”

“We’d like to remind our viewing audience of one interesting factor behind this match: there is quite an age difference between our competitors!
Thomas is more stately, and has years of wisdom behind his efforts. Fuzzy is one handsome youngster” (in Sumo wrestling, this ‘senior factor’ is important to acknowledge!).

The judge would then sprinkle salt around the perimeter of the ring, to “bless the match,” and the game begins! Don’t worry, we have not gone THAT far yet in the FIV+ suite!

Visitors to Tabby’s Place have been able to see these matches, as they play out between Thomas and Fuzzy, and it is comical to watch these two boys so enjoying playing together! As Angela also asked recently, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone adopted Thomas and Fuzzy together?” Ah, that it would, but in the meantime, we will happily continue to offer each of our boys the best of care possible.

Speaking of care, Thomas has had a relatively quiet month healthwise. We had a bit of a scare with a skin condition that developed; as most of you know, Thomas has a history of issues with his skin. We hated to even mention the dreaded word
“ringworm…” Fortunately for Sir Thomas, that test proved negative; his skin was treated as usual, and he has mended well.

He enjoys his weekly grooming sessions with our volunteer groomers Deborah and Eric, who faithfully visit each Sunday, in spite of hectic work schedules, to brush and fuss over our cats. Their feline friends so appreciate their gentleness and attention.

If you are kind enough to sponsor both Thomas and his best buddy Fuzzy, you may see the story of Thomas and Fuzzy’s athletic adventures repeated in both updates-I hope you don’t mind! I am the proud Correspondent for Fuzzy, and the story was written as a tribute to their friendship.

It is a true pleasure to visit the FIV suite, and see them healthy, energetic, and playing together so happily; as we all know, life’s outcome for these two boys could have been very different, if not for Tabby’s Place, and your kindness.

As we approach the Memorial Day holiday, we remember and honor those that have passed, celebrate life, and give thanks for our blessings.
We thank Thomas and Fuzzy for the reminder of the spirit of friendship, and thank YOU, Dear Sponsors,
for YOUR friendship and support!