Update for Thomas

Update for Thomas

Greetings to Team Thomas!

His Orangeness has had a pretty good month medically. The periodic skin issue near his mouth and chin flared up again briefly, but we were on it right away. A few gentle scrubs and a bit of medication cleared up everything quickly, and so far it has not come back.

Thomas has also had a taste of the outdoors again over the past month, something he loves dearly. On the few days during the past several weeks when it was warm enough, we’ve opened the tunnel to the FIV+ solarium. Of course, Thomas is always one of the first cats out there, given a chance. He’s often joined by suitemates Dusty and Jasper, but I think Thomas would be happy in his solarium even without company. He clearly welcomes any opportunity to get some fresh air and sun, and we’re pleased to think that the return of spring means more time “outdoors” for our beautiful orange boy.

The big news in Thomas’ life of late has been the introduction of a new suitemate (soon to be two). Esmeralda, a long-haired tabby with crumpled ears, is a new member of our FIV+ gang. Larry (an orange-and-white male) is currently undergoing oral surgery, but he’ll soon join our other FIV+ residents, as well. We’re hoping for smooth sailing with these introductions, but you can never tell!

There’s been one other introduction into Thomas’ life, too. A couple very kindly donated a number of large cat trees to us, and one of these was placed in the FIV suite. This has all the bells and whistles: cubbyholes, scratching posts, carpeted platforms, hanging toys. It’s just beautiful, and you can’t imagine any cat not loving it. True to his feline nature, however, Thomas ignores the tree completely. Never once have I seen him show the slightest interest in it. Cats!

As always, thanks for your continued support of our sweet Thomas.