Update for Thomas

Update for Thomas

Greetings to Team Thomas!

Our handsome boy knows that it doesn’t do to let the humans become complacent; a cat has to keep them on their toes. Accordingly, his skin allergies, an on-again/off-again issue in the past, resurfaced over the past month. Fortunately, this wasn’t a serious matter. Thomas merely needed a bit of gentle chin scrubbing and medication to clear up this episode. Last month, if you’ll recall, he was being given medication for an ulceration on his lip, but that’s been discontinued, as well. For the time being, he’s doing nicely.

At present, Thomas is missing one roommate. Beautiful Penelope was adopted from our FIV+ suite during the past month, and she’s doing well in her new home. We already have Thomas’s new roommate in quarantine, but please don’t say anything! As far as he’s concerned, Tabby’s Place doesn’t need any cats other than himself.

I’m always amazed by how sociable His Orangeness is with people. A young couple came in two weekends ago and said they’d consider adopting a Special Needs cat, so I took them into the FIV+ suite. The woman sat on the floor, and it took about two seconds for Thomas to see his opportunity and make a beeline for her lap. He had competition from suitemates Fuzzy and Nuttin, but Thomas beat both of them to the punch. He seemed perfectly happy to stay in the woman’s lap for as long as she’d sit there. I don’t think this visit will result in Thomas getting adopted, but we continue to hope that there’s a “forever” home for Thomas somewhere out there.

As always, thank you for helping us care for our special guy.