Update for Stafford

Update for Stafford

Greetings, Stafford Fans!

Ready for another update on our shaggy boy?

As usual, a medical update first: Stafford had an insulin adjustment this month. As is the case with diabetic people, sometimes insulin doses need to be raised or lowered. In Stafford’s case, his twice-daily injection doses were lowered, and we’re very happy to note that he’s responded beautifully to the reduced amount of insulin. He seems much more stable in terms of his appetite and his weight.

Remember Stafford’s congestion last month? Well, it’s still around, though it’s not as severe as it had been. We are continuing to monitor that very closely, however.

Other news? Well, there isn’t much.

Stafford remains a gentle, good-natured boy, and, since he has not found a “forever” home of his own yet, we’re very happy that he has a place to call home in the meantime.

And that brings me to you, and your role in Stafford’s upkeep. It would be impossible for Tabby’s Place to house, feed, and look after Stafford (and other Special Needs felines) without your consistent generosity. Especially during this year of pandemic and confusion, please know how much your unselfishness means to me and to everyone at Tabby’s Place.

Have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving, and don’t save any pie for Stafford, no matter what he says to the contrary!

Your correspondent,