Update for Stafford

Update for Stafford


Stafford and Angelo highly recommend the sanity-saving stroll

Greetings, Stafford fans!

Ready for an update on our sweet guy? I’m happy to be able to tell you that Stafford has been in good health over the past few weeks. He does have one problem area, however. Like many senior felines, he’s not especially good at keeping up with his grooming.

Stafford urges you to experiment with self-inflicted quarantine haircuts.

Stafford has medium-length fur, as you know, but that tends to clump and tangle easily. His skin is also on the oily side, which doesn’t help matters. And he’s not very fond of being brushed. So we ended up having to shave him. While he looks very cute, you have to wonder what he might think of that.

Stafford has also had the chance to be out for a sanity-saving stroll… probably more sanity-saving for the staff than for Stafford!

I’ve been a volunteer at Tabby’s Place since late 2003, and I still look forward to going in to see my favorite felines. Not being able to do that and seeing Tabby’s Place in lockdown mode has been very disheartening.

Stafford appreciates his staff giving him stroll-time

But the staff has been wonderful about keeping us updated and sending pictures (you’ll see photos of a shaved Stafford with this update). It is important to realize that this situation is not permanent, and it will pass.

Meantime, Stafford and I hope you’ll stay safe. And, as always, thank you for choosing to help us keep Stafford cherished and content.

Your correspondent,