Update for Simon

Update for Simon

Simon in close-up!

Dear Sponsors for Simon,

The minute I arrived at Tabby’s Place and went to the kitchenette to hang up my coat, Simon emerged from underneath one of the sofas where he was most likely snoozing. Suddenly he was all agog to know “if they liked it.”

Simon with that look on his face

He approached me at once with that cuter than cute expectant look on his face and issued a giant MEOW.

“Liked what?” I asked. Did he actually expect me to read his mind?

He tilted his head sideways and scrunched up his mouth.

“Oh. The video.”

Now, I knew the answer to that question. I whisked Simon on my lap. The day before I’d received an email, reminding me to write this update and telling me that the thank you videos had been much appreciated by the sponsors.

Simon munching away!

“If you want to know if you have star potential,” I said to Simon, “the answer is YES.”

The purring began immediately. I’m sure that Simon does not have a vain bone in his body, but what cat wouldn’t like to hear that the “first video he ever made in his life” was a big hit and had the potential of going viral if it ever hit the YouTube circuit.

Of course, the next thing that happened was totally expected. Simon jumped off my lap and went to his food bowl where he began to chow down. I noticed that whenever he is happy, he likes to eat. Some people I know eat when they’re depressed or bored, but Simon does just the opp

Just look at that adorable made for “you tube” face.

osite. He eats when he’s feeling good when all’s right with the world.

And all is right with Simon’s world. His conjunctivitis has cleared up, and he is now officially off all the medications he was taking for it. Simon is continuing on an anti-nausea medication because he still has an occasional episode of vomiting, although if the truth be told, that vomiting is connected to when he is usually trying to spit out his medication.

Oh, yeah, he’s a bit of a rascal. But this rascal and I thank you for your continued generosity, especially during this holiday season. Please stay safe and warm.

Your correspondent,