Update for Shifty

Update for Shifty

Hmmm… what’s that flying through the air? A wand toy for me!

Hello, Friends!

I put “pen to paw” this month to tell you about all of the things that are happening with me and with Tabby’s Place!

I had a quiet month; as we say here at Tabby’s Place, I am “status quo.”  That means there have been no real changes in my health or emotional status. We consider it a blessing, especially during my senior years.

I have been observing all of the activity at Tabby’s Place with the ramp-up of Quinn’s Corner, our new wing (which will be officially opening to the public later this year). Some of our cats have been reassigned to the suites in the new wing.  I overhear the volunteers asking each other for an update on the location of a favorite cat, and then going in that direction. It is fun to listen to the comments about the beautiful spacious suites these cats now call “home.”

Synchronized Napping!

Then there are those like me that are already in what might be considered the perfect suite, the Volunteer/Employee Lounge. I like my couches, my cat tree, and the “room with a view.” I get to see all of the activities of the volunteers, get love pats, and enjoy the noon-time meal discussions of our wonderful staff. Why would I want to leave there?

It looks like our area of New Jersey will get one or two more snowstorms before we move into the nicer spring weather.  I look out over the trees and new shrubbery that surround Tabby’s Place and hope that these final frosts do not affect the blossoms and new growth.  My correspondent, Kim, was telling me about her favorite magnolia tree, planted many years ago on her property by her grandfather.  She hopes that this will be the year that the tree blooms pink, healthy, and beautiful. This has not happened in the past three years.

I nodded in understanding.

Play time! So lucky to have so many people who care for me and play with me!

As we look ahead, I hope that you will try to plan a visit to the sanctuary I call “home.” I will make sure that my svelte gray suit, white bib, and kid-gloved paws are in tip-top shape! Maybe we could sit a spell near a sunny window, and I can update you on what is new.

I hope to see you soon. In the meantime, know I remain grateful for your most generous donations that help to provide for the care I need. Your kindness is most appreciated.

Your friend,
(With help from your correspondent, Kim