Update for Shifty

Update for Shifty

Hello, Fans of Shifty!

Our fine fellow is his usual handsome self on the outside, but his monthly bloodwork showed us some variations with his diabetic glucose levels.  While everything else was fine, the change in his glucose (sugar) levels indicated that an increase in the amount of his daily insulin may be necessary.  The veterinary staff at Tabby’s Place then performed a blood glucose curve test, which shows us the effectiveness of the insulin he is receiving as the day progresses. This test measures how his body is absorbing and utilizing insulin and gives us a better idea of where he IS versus where he SHOULD be.  The test determined that Shifty needed an increase in his daily insulin, which has been provided.  In two weeks’ time, another blood glucose curve test will be administered to again check Shifty’s progress.

Other factors also let us know that a change may be needed. More frequent and/or inappropriate urination is another sign.  Lately, in Shifty’s suite, a feline resident has been urinating outside of the box.  Of course, it is difficult to pinpoint the culprit, but a diabetic going through some changes will also feel an increased need to drink water, and then is unable to get to the litterbox quickly enough to avoid an accident.  As Baby, another cat in Shifty’s room, is also a diabetic, the possibility looms that it is one of them.

There have also been some behavioral tensions lately between roommates, and increased stress can also cause diabetic reactions.  Shifty seems to be a bit upset with roomie Fenek lately, and since he cannot talk, he cannot tell us why.  Our wonderful staff and volunteers continue to monitor this room carefully and will report any further changes to our veterinary team.

I know when I have visited over the past month, Shifty seems a bit tired (another sign of a change in insulin needs).  He has not wanted to “share” as much, preferring instead to remain on his soft beds underneath the chair, couch, or on the cat tree.  Shifty is always ready for some nice head-pats and sweet-talk but settles back into his “nest” to return to siesta sooner rather than later.  As I have worked with diabetic cats over the many years I have done rescue work personally, I am sure that once the insulin level is appropriately adjusted, Shifty will be his usual chipper self and will again charm us with his svelte looks and big cat smile!

We thank you, his loving sponsors, for your most gracious monthly gifts that are helping to support Shifty in his hour of need.  There are so many other negatives that could have shown up in his most recent bloodwork; there were NONE!  He is truly fortunate to have so many people that love and care about him.

I know you join me in my wish to see Shifty sitting straight and tall, awaiting my arrival from the windowsill as I cross the driveway on foot to the place he is blessed to call “home.”

Your correspondent,