Update for Shifty

Update for Shifty

Hello, Shifty Fans!

Our fine fellow has lost a touch of weight this past month. This could be due to the change of diet and medication (insulin) required to manage his diabetes.  His levels have remained stable, thanks to an increase last month in the amount of insulin provided.

Diabetes requires close monitoring.  The management and control are critical to ensure the amount of insulin is appropriate for Shifty’s needs.  Good news! He is soon to be the recipient of a FreeStyle glucose monitor. This device measures the glucose present in the tissues under the skin. Shifty will have the device implanted under his skin, and it will painlessly provide our veterinary staff with a very accurate read of his levels, 24 hours a day!  A scanning device provides continuous information, for up to a 2-week period.

Gone are the days of the painful pricks of the skin, footpads, ear-tips, or even the lips(s) of a diabetic cat to get an accurate read.  The cat is also spared the frequency of doing so that is required when changes present themselves. A smart cat like my own Tabby’s Place alum Fuzzy (also known as Fabulous Fuzzy) used to see me coming with that “picker,” and run in the opposite direction.  Who could blame him?  I wish the FreeStyle device had been more readily available when I was trying to regulate Fuzzy’s diabetes, many moons ago…

Throughout all of this, Shifty has remained his debonair self.  As you can see by the photos sent along, he looks great.  The bit of weight loss somehow makes him look even more svelte and handsome.  He meets and greets his favorite staff and volunteer friends as he always has. He is the perfect gentleman on most days for his diabetic checks, but I am sure that he, too, will welcome the new FreeStyle device and its proficiency and accuracy in diagnosing his needs.

On behalf of Tabby’s Place, I thank you for your kind monthly gift that goes towards providing this specialized care that my favorite fellow needs.  As you know, Shifty has dealt with health issues in his past but has been blessed with months of good health.  Now more than ever, your funds are appreciated as his needs have changed.  Rest assured that if anything else were to come to light as a result of veterinary monitoring, you will be the first to know!  However, many cats develop diabetes later in life but go on to make that life a happy and healthy one, once regulated.

Together, we can make this happen!

We are sending you many thanks and continued prayers.

Your correspondent,