Update for Sherbet

Update for Sherbet

Sherbet has always been a fragile girl (well, actually, a fragile “boy” for a while), which makes it difficult to judge his well-being.

But I am somewhat worried about him recently.

He has been losing weight, and the tumor on his eyelid has reappeared (see photo).

Our vet does not think the tumor is a concern at this time, since it is localized.
But, we have no explanation for his weight loss, unless it’s just the effects of old age (or “senescence”, to be accurate).

Happily, Sherbs remains in very good spirits. He is even beginning to warm up to Stafford (see photo). It’s not as “serious” as the relationship he had with Opa. But, they get along well and have come to an arrangement about food. You see, Stafford used to keep a close eye on the amount of wet food Sherbs had left in his dish.

As soon as Stafford’s pile was lower than Sherbs’, he would rush over and start eating Sherbet’s food. It took Sherbet a few days to solve this dilemma. But he figured out that that the proper response was to just move over and start eating from Stafford’s dish.

This has worked marvelously and provides some amusement as they shift back and forth a few times during their feedings.
It is a genius idea, and much better than just giving in or fighting over the food.