Update for Sherbet

Update for Sherbet

It looks like Sherbet’s run of diarrhea is finally over.  It was quite disconcerting while it was happening.  In the morning, my office looked like a “poop bomb” had been detonated, and Sherbs had dried poop plastered to several areas.

The crap had dried just enough to be very difficult to remove.  The mornings were spent cleaning the floor and Sherbs.

After several trials of medications and good changes, it looks like a fiber rich food is the answer.

Unfortunately, she lost some weight during that time, and I worry about her gaining it back.  She has always been frail … and she seems even more frail to me now.

Nothing concerning has shown up on the diagnostics, but I worry about her.  I am glad that Stafford is a gentle roommate.

Please keep a good thought for dear Sherbet.

Your correspondent,