Update for Sherbet

Update for Sherbet

During the previous update, I had expressed some concern over Sherbet’s behavior since his surgery: he was quieter and more wobbly than usual. We were hoping that this was just the residual effect of the anesthesia.

I am happy to report that Sherbet is, indeed, back to his old self. His appetite is great, and he is moving as well as ever and visits my desk a few times a day for some smooshing and brushing.

His eye looks great, too, as you may be able to tell from the photo below.
OK, you can’t tell, but trust me.
He will not stand still for a facial closeup.

As if to emphasize how well he is doing, he literally just engaged in an atypical burst of energy, chasing a ping-pong ball around my office.

I was almost too startled to get a photo as evidence. But I got one (see above).
And, no, I did not doctor the photo, as many have suggested.

This is a rare photo of Sherbet “in action.”
Enjoy it 🙂