Update for Sherbet

Update for Sherbet

First, I must apologize for missing last month’s update. There was a lot going on (notably, a death in my wife’s family), but that’s not an excuse, only an explanation.

In any case, there is LOTS of news about Sherbs, so let me jump right in.

On the non-medical front, Sherbs and Opa have become serious snuggle buddies, as you can see from the photo below.
This has become such a common sight, that I an no longer surprised to see them like this (or a similar, closely-packed position).

I’m happy that Sherbs has a good friend. His relationships with previous office mates have taken one of two forms: (i) they ignore each other, (ii) the office mate takes out their frustration on Sherbet (nothing violent, just some head slapping).

On the medical front, there is what I can only describe as astounding news about Sherbet.
It is so shocking that I felt compelled to place some subtle hints on this update: the Disney Princess blanket is one such hint, as well as the other photo, above.

I’m just going to blurt it out: Sherbet is a female.
After years of living happily as a male (in our minds), we have discovered that Sherbet is, in fact, a girl.

This was discovered during his recent abdominal ultrasound, which required shaving his belly.
This revealed what appeared to be a spay scar.
A little more investigation revealed the shocking news.

There has been talk of changing his her name, but I don’t know that I can change my point of view.
“He” still looks like a “guy” to me.

BTW: Sherbet was getting an ultrasound to see if we could find an explanation for his recent weight loss.
There was good news, in that nothing abnormal was found in his abdomen.
It appears that his weight loss is just due to old age and old kidneys.
Good news.