Update for Sherbet

Update for Sherbet

This has been a very concerning week for Sherbs.  I thought we were about to lose her several times.  But she has made a miraculous recovery, though she is still fragile and her condition could turn at any moment.

The URI she contracted a few weeks ago was incredibly persistent.  Even after switching antibiotics several times, she remained very congested and was barely eating.

I became extremely concerned on Wednesday last week, when she began to gag on her mucous.  I thought she was fading and we would have to let her go soon.

But our medical team was not about to give up hope.  They felt it was worth one more try: a new antibiotic, more frequent nebulizing1 and some intranasal drops.  It took a few hours, but she began to eat again, and she was starting to breathe more easily.  I was so happy to see her scarfing down wet food again.

During this time period, Stafford was amazingly patient and kind to Sherbs.  She wanted to sleep by him (or, on him, most often) and he was very tolerant.  He also held off on eating her food until it was clear she was done.  It was not behavior I expect from cats.  It was quite endearing.

I’ve included a short video of Stafford grooming Sherbet as they shared a chair.

Your correspondent,

1 A nebulizer is a medical device that breaks up air into tiny droplets that can be inhaled.  It sometimes used to deliver medications, but we typically use it with just distilled water, to help ease severe congestion.