Update for Sherbet

Update for Sherbet

I continue to worry about Sherbs even though her diarrhea has been largely under control.  She just looks so fragile.

I admit that she has looked fragile from day one … but I think she is, indeed, more fragile now.  A non-trivial component of this is her “choppy” fur.  We have had to clip her down in a few places due to dried poop.  She sometimes falls in the litter box due to her spinal issues.  (You may recall that this causes one of her rear legs to “lock up,” leading to distress and toppling into whatever is in the litter box.)

I’m not sure it has any medical significance, but the cancerous growth under Sherbet’s eye appears to have sloughed off.  If nothing else, it no longer interferes with her field of vision (and it looks better).

She and Stafford continue to get along well.  They seem to have no problem sharing a chair for a nap, or even their food.  They will happily trade off eating from each other’s bowls. In this photo, which I just took, they are about to execute a tricky “food bowl exchange.”

And, Sherbs’ appetite remains good, if not great.  Keep a good thought for our orange girl.

Your correspondent,