Update for Shea

Update for Shea


We were all concerned for Shea’s emotional health after the unexpected adoption of his best buddy Oscar.  They were kindred spirits: formerly feral, shy, wary of humans.  They were great together, often languishing in the solarium, enjoying the fresh air.

The cold weather was also arriving, increasing the likelihood that Shea would would be inside more often, exposing him to the vagaries of the ruffians who inhabit the corner, smoking and hassling the girls (please make the proper translation from street kids, to FIV+ cats).


So far, Shea has handled the changes with aplomb.  He is spending more time inside, but he has avoided trouble and seems comfortable, if not overly happy.

My hope is that he will find a new companion in Clarence.  Clarence is a former feral.  He shows the scars of many tussles and is very wary of people.  He had a difficult time trying to adjust to his new home and roommates.

No love to date, but I am hopeful.  Clarence seems just like the kind of lost soul that would appeal top our boy Shea.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Your correspondent,