Update for Rufus

Update for Rufus

Greetings to you, sponsors!

August has arrived and the sunshine is at its peak.   The days are long and the air is warm out here in my solarium. I am loving every moment of it.

You will be so proud of me… I have been so excited to write you another update to tell you how peaceful it has been here in Suite FIV this month. I am learning how to get along with my roomies and I know everyone is happier. The staff and volunteers have been singing my praises, and there haven’t been any reports of tusslings as of late. Isn’t that amazing? I hope you are proud of me.

It’s a very different way of life for me, and I think I’m adjusting quite nicely at the moment. All I have done since I arrived at Tabby’s Place is feel on guard, waiting for the next fight. And sometimes even starting a few tussles myself, as you well know. But I think this calm, co-existing thing has its upsides, and I know I am feeling a lot more at peace with the world around me.

I was lucky enough to enjoy another healthy and stable month here at the best cat sanctuary in all the universe. Thanks to all of you, I have the best of everything every single day. The comfiest beds, the most delicious food, the sweetest and kindest human beings on earth taking care of me… I am still pinching myself.

And even now as my social scene is ever-changing, I am learning to roll with it and take it all in. My suitemate Arlo was lucky enough to get adopted this month, and we were all so incredibly happy for him. Toby arrived, who is new to me, but not new to Tabby’s Place. Apparently, he was adopted into a wonderful forever home a while back, but sadly, his owner passed away recently.

I am told that Tabby’s Place has a policy:  “Once a Tabby’s Place cat, always a Tabby’s Place cat.”  This means that any of us can always come back here if we need a place to stay. Isn’t that coolest thing you have ever heard? And it is all thanks to you and everyone who helps support this amazing sanctuary.

Joining my new friend Inigo, two more newbies arrived named Ralph and Liam. They seem pretty chill so far, and I think we may get along just fine. I am including two pictures with this month’s update, both of me relaxing in the solarium. I am luxuriating in total comfort and contentment, as you will see. Don’t I look ridiculously happy?

I hope you know that all of the joy you see in my eyes is because of you. Your sponsorship is why I have this lovely life. I am still hoping to find my forever home one day, but until then, I just lie here and think about how incredibly grateful I am for you.

My tiger-striped heart is full of love for you! Until next month, my friends…

(with help from your correspondent, Florie)