Update for Rufus

Update for Rufus

Hello, sponsors!

April has arrived, along with a new temporary reality. It just blows my tiger-striped brain to think about how different everything is since I wrote to you this time last month.

I have been healthy, which is good news, and I am happy to say that I have also been very well behaved. I am getting along with my roomies, including Toby, even though he and I have had our share of scuffles in the past.

You probably already know that the humans here in Ringoes, NJ are on full lockdown, meaning they are required to stay home as much as possible. Tabby’s Place made the incredibly difficult decision to close to the public and our volunteers are no longer allowed to be in the building. Only critical staff members are coming in to take care of us now, and they are doing everything they can to keep our lives as regular as possible.

The staff has been telling me that only “essential” businesses are legally allowed to remain open to the public these days. Apparently, this only includes things like grocery stores, gas stations, and pharmacies. How does this not include Tabby’s Place, you may ask? My question exactly. If anyone would be smart enough to ask my opinion, I would say that it is absolutely ESSENTIAL for me to have as many human visitors as possible. Have they met me??

I mean, don’t get me wrong… our staffers are showering us with tons of love and attention to try to make up for all of our volunteer friends who cannot visit us right now, which sadly includes my correspondent. But luckily, I have discovered a new technology that allowed me to speak with her remotely. She said that lots of humans are doing this to stay in touch lately and that seeing each other (even through a screen) is very therapeutic, especially now.

The photos we decided to include this month were taken by our super fantastic staff, who have been doing an amazing job of keeping our correspondents up to date on how we are all doing. I think you’ll get a giggle out of the picture that shows my reaction when I heard that Tabby’s Place was officially closed to the outside world. It was basically the kitty equivalent of “WHAT?!?!”.

But I do understand how necessary these decisions were, even though my furry heart is missing all of my volunteer friends. I am, of course, trying my best to get as much attention as I can from the staff when they visit our FIV Suite to give health checks, medications, and anything else we need. I hop right up on the table so I am right in their faces and they can’t help but pay attention to me. Some may say I’m nosey, but I would say that I just like being in the center of things. You’ll see this in action in my other picture.

Sometimes this plan backfires though, and the staff decides that since I’m right there in front of them, I might as well be the first one to get my nails trimmed or some other necessary torture. It’s not terrible to just get it over with, especially since afterward I get to just chill out in a cozy crate while everyone else gets their turn. This way, I don’t get overstimulated and lash out by accident. As you know, sometimes I just can’t cope with all of the activity around daily events like the morning cleaning routine in my suite.

But I continue to learn and grow, thanks to your sponsorship! I am ever so grateful for everything you do for me, especially with all of the suffering happening around us. My correspondent and the staff have been telling me about everything going on in the world these days, and that many humans are getting sick and losing their lives to a horrific virus. It sounds inexplicably awful.

I hope you all know that my tiger-striped heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by this crisis. If you are struggling personally or you have loved ones who are struggling, with health or finances or anything, please remember that I am sending you endless furry hugs to comfort you. You are always in my thoughts, and I hope you can find ways to stay hopeful for the future. Remember that this is temporary, and the day will come when the world goes back to normal.

For now, I can’t thank you enough for all that you do for me!
Until next month, I love you!
Love, Rufus
(with help from your correspondent, Florie)